chanel purse owners, do you also buy their clothing line?

  1. I saw a really nice tweed jacket/suit on eBay for $700(retail at more than 5k), and I loved it. But while i feel perfectly fine carrying any chanel purses, I just don't feel comfortable w/ their clothes yet. The only place I see ppl wear them is probably on "desperated housewives". :p

    Do you own any chanel clothes and wear them often?
  2. I have to pick and choose my vices/obsessions so the only designer pieces I wear are accessories... bags and sunglasses mostly. I don't have any Chanel clothes or high-end designer clothes for that matter except for jeans since I live in denim.

    If I had the money and places to wear designer clothing I would probably invest in some good pieces but my lifestyle is casual and boring, in a nutshell!
  3. I would love to buy the clothing line, but unfortunetly i probably wouldn't fit, designer things rarely fit me. (Big Boobs)
  4. i would love to buy chanel clothing, but too much $$$$....i'd rather put that money towards other bags.
  5. I love it and I actually do have my eye on a jacket, but I don't own anything yet. I feel like I am still a bit too young for it and it wouldn't quite look age appropriate on me. I think I will eventually buy a jacket because I do love them.

    FWIW regarding nicer and higher end clothes, I've found that I am actually okay with owning less clothing, but having extremely high quality. It fits better and I feel better and more confident wearing them. I do think that it is worth it to invest in classic pieces if that's something you're thinking about. : )
  6. I know for a fact my closet would be filled with chanel jackets, sweaters and anything else if it weren't for the fact that a nice jacket is over 4 grand and a simple black top is 2500 hundred. I've hinted at a blazer for my college graduation , so we'll see. :smile:
  7. nope!! I think cloth are pretty expensive! And, I wouldnt have the time and event to wear an expensive cloth because I'm just a student...>.<
  8. No not yet, but one day, white with black trim would be perfect I think.
  9. I like some of their tweed jackets. I think they cross all age barriers and can be funky with a pair of jeans. I would only get one off of eBay or consignment though for a good price. Jackets are good investment pieces for a wardrobe and are one item I don't mind spending big money on for the better tailoring and design. Beyond that I might get a coat if I see one that I like one day...everything else seems too grandma like to me.
  10. I think Chanel runs small so would not buy from eBay if I could not try it on. Usually the Chanel items I see in consignment shops are dated and though they say Chanel on the label, I would not want them. I like the newer funkier items in the boutiques now but really would never spend that must on a fabric jacket that would date.... now the purses are another thing as they do not date as quickly as clothing in my opinion.

  11. Not yet...most their classic Jackets..are too "thick" for our tropical country.
  12. With the prices of purses rising like the tide, the clothes, if on sale, can be had for less than the price of a purse. A spring fantasy coat that was originally $6,700 I purchased for $1,600 at NM. If you know your measurements, including shoulder to shoulder, look at ebay. Avoid fads and think timeless and the piece, no matter what it is, will always be in style.
  13. I have a black skirt, 2 pairs of black wool pants and a black silk camellia camisole. I love them all. I didn't pay retail for them though, think the price is too high.
  14. I do own Chanel clothing but have to be pretty selective b/c a nice jacket can set you back (if you pay full retail price for something you just HAVE to have) enough for 2 purses. Plus some of their stuff can be too out there for the corporate world. But I love their black jackets (esp the ones with the 3/4 sleeves which make them look "younger" when you wear them with jeans) and dresses that always end up being appropriate for many occasions. The quality of their clothes is also exemplary and helps justify the cost! I also have a very hard time fitting into many designers' clothing, and Chanel 34 fits me perfectly--most of the time anyway. So I have to stick to it even if it it means having to sacrifice quantity for quality!
  15. I own some tops and a jacket. I don't have many as they are very expensive.