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  1. ok, so i have almost all the money i need to buy my chanel purse:love: the only problem is i'm not sure exactly which one to get. when i went to the chanel boutique my SA showed me 2 from the cruise collection that i really liked. but i'm just not sure if i could use them forever...i have to say that my favorite is the classic flap with the map of paris and the eiffel tower on it. it also has "chanel" written on the bottom and i think it's a nice touch :amuse: .

    the first purse is $1300 and something and it's a nice, smooth fabric. but by the time i have the money i'm afraid it'll be gone...

    the second isn't actually the one i want but it's the same print...just the flap bag and it's main color was black. it's $1275 and it's made of canvas (i'm not a big fan of all-leather purses but i don't hate it)

    but the only thing i'm debating is whether or not i should get a more "classic" bag. maybe something from the cambon line...does it hold up well?

    arg :wacko: . i'm not sure....opinions?

    thank you very much :biggrin:

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  2. I think both bags are fun, but I think I would go with something more classic. I'm not sure what your style/tastes are, but I know that I tend to get tired of prints easily. It's definitely your call, and whatever you decide, I'm sure you will be extremely happy with it. Let us know what you decide to do.
  3. Omigod you lucky girl. If it were me, I would go for the 2.55. Its a classic shape, could be funky with the right outfit and you can carry it as you mature and not look sillly. You would never tire of it.
    Or, have you seen the new mademoiselle line - again classic shapes with a bit of an edge.
    These may be a little out of the price range ( I don't know ), but it would be worth it for something timeless.
    I am not sure about the graphics on that bag. Are you sure you would'nt tire of it ?
    Just my opinion. Let me know what you decide.:biggrin:
  4. eek! i don't know...i mean...i don't want to offend you if you truly like these, but I couldn't see using these forever...

    Now if you got the first one in black, then absoutely...but the bags you showed seem like a...i don't know...trend bag, maybe? they just don't seem like "classic" chanel to me. Now i love the cambon line...i don't own any pieces, but will very soon (*hopefully*).
  5. probably would be more practical to buy a 2.55. yeah i do like the prints but i'm not sure if i would use them forever...except that i would love any chanel bag i got:amuse:

    blackbutterfly- don't worry, say whatever...i won't get offended. i just want some true opinions

    i could probably hold myself back from buying one of these if i was to save up for a 2.55....does anyone know how much they run for?
  6. Those are cute, but I'd go for something more classic and that you can see yourself carrying for many years :biggrin:
  7. Between the 2, I'd pick the first one (hanging), the other one is indeed fad-y and that's not really what chanel is about. And sorry to be honest, not even a nice print. I got a black Ligne Cambon Multi Pocket Reporter Bag, and since it took me a while to decide, now that I got it, I really prize it, and is the ONLY bag that I actually think twice about before using (ie, weather, occasion, outfit....). All my other bags are just always used on the go! Do get your first Chanel of something you know you'll prize and use (possibly) forever. It's quite an experience (at least for me anyways), something about that first Chanel bag ( doesn't happen with anything else Chanel) :P

    Oh, and my Mom just vowed that she will have to but Chanels from now on. Since she used mine, she finds that it holds up very well, and doesn't bend shape, etc etc, even after having it squished under the armpits for a while.

    Alright, I'm turning it into an essay. But all in all, DO LOVE MY CHANEL. Love the double flap right now. Good luck Hon, make the right choice :smile:
  8. Bobojue, I tried to answer you on another thread and had trouble logging on. Holt's has a Dior boutique now? How did I miss that? Let me know please!!!! Mariah, of course you would love any Chanel bag you got!!! I think the 2.55 is in the 2000 range, at least in CDN funds. Does anyone know if they are still waitlisted?? Or a price??
  9. SHYLOO, you're in T.O. too? HOLT'S HAS A DIOR COUNTER NOW since Nov-Dec. Do go visit!!!! That's the only place I know to get a Dior here. Don't you find that it's really hard to source bags here in Canada (and T.O. is supposed to be a semi-mega shopping destination). Makes my handbag obsession all the more difficult (and makes me even more obsessive...)
  10. yup i agree, i'd save up for the 2.55. or something from the cambon line.
  11. You and me both!!!!! I'm actually in Oakville, but relocating to Kingston next week- no bag shopping there!!! But yes, for a so called international shopping destination TO is behind the times. But sometimes it works out. My sister snagged a purple suede fringed YSL for like 485 on boxing day at Holts on Bloor. It was a runway bag and marked down 3 times!!!!!!!!
    Holts just got Mulberry bags and the Bulga bags were just piled on a table when I saw them. I think the bags buyers need our help in eexchange for free stuff.
    OK, so where is the Dior counter? at the back near the LV? Please tell me where I can get a gaucho so I can sleep at night. How sad is that?
  12. So Mariah, have we helped you any on your descision ?:worried:
  13. oh yeah! haha sorry...i was doing my homework :suspiciou . i think i'm going to save up for a loooong time and get the 2.55. it definitely seems more practical now that i think about it. i'll probably try to get a job this summer but the hard part will be not spending the money on things to tide over my purse obsession! :amuse:

    thank you to everyone who's responded!
  14. ive never bought a chanel purse (yet...who knows what the summer may bring me :smile:) but next week going to spoil myself rotten with chanel makeup...even though i only wear mac bronzer (melts into my skin love it) and chapstick go for what the others are saying.
  15. Just keep a picture of one in your wallet, that will motivate you to save. And you might have to put your name on a list. I always find that if I don't spend money on little things I can spend big on bigger things !!!! Good Luck:biggrin: