chanel purse authenticity question?

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  1. This is my first time on this forum, because i cant get any answers anywhere else, and someone referred me to this site. While cleaning........I came across in my house a chanel purse. Now, by asking people an authentic new chanel purse comes w/ a card that matches numbers on the purse to dtermine if its authentic or a replica. Well this purse is not new, I honestly dont know where i got it, I do know Im to "poor" lol, to purchase a authentic or replica at that.It does have a label on the inside that states "chanel" w/ a circled capital R- I guess meaning registered. But also according to those I asked, anyone could throw that label on, and pass it as the real thing. The purse itself has the CC's on front, and also on a metal; ball thats attached to a tassel- again, even the replicas have the CC's. The only thing I have to go by here- is the fact the on the snap closure- engraved it indicated some #'s.

    P.A.T. 90816 and K-SOUNG

    If anyone can help me- I have no use for this purse, if I could get rid of it, replica or real, I just dont want to be taken, or have anyone who doesnt know- have questions I cant answer.

    So if willing- either plz respond to my thread- or email me diectly at

    Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Can you post photos?
  3. if you respond to m y email in can- dont know how to ad attachment from here- what would you need in pic to determine?? thanks for responding on Christmas Eve!
  4. we have an "Authenticate This! Chanel" thread in the Chanel Shopping Forum.
    To post photos, click on Manage Attachments or the paperclip icon.
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