Chanel Purple Medium Classic in Caviar ?!?

  1. Hello everyone. I am desperate. I have searched to no avail. I am in great need of the CHANEL PURPLE MEDIUM CLASSIC BAG IN CAVIAR. If anyone sees it please please let me know. I will :heart: you for ever and ever. Thank you!!!

    I know there must be one more out there somewhere. . .I will not give up. . .will. . .not. . .give. . .up. . .
  2. ^ Overpriced haha considering even though their has been a price increase, Neimans has NOT increased the prices I think you should call EVERY NM and see if you can locate one at the pre price increase price :smile:
  3. I called NM in Dallas today and the SA was totally clueless as to whether the prices went up or not:noggin:
  4. I saw a medium purple lambskin at Neiman's in Charlotte. I don't think they had it in caviar though. It was a beauty.
  5. oh poop, its gone, i was too late, thanks for the heads up PFers, I can always count on you guys, let me know if you see another one in stores or on eBay though!!
  6. I will call my SA up tomorrow and ask her :smile:
  7. ohh thanks pink paino, i just read your message today, unfortunately I fear that I am too late, I called Saks, Neimans, bg and nothing has come up, someone must have def snatched that one by personalshoppers, that woman's got the goods!