Chanel purple iridescent boy wear & repairs

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  1. hi all! I recently purchased a second hand mermaid old medium boy, that has rubbing to the leather in the corners, hardware has slight surface scratches, and one of the grommets lost a small part of the rainbow coating. I emailed LS who said they cannot fix these issues bc of the leather & hardware used. Closest Chanel boutique is quite far from me, any idea if Chanel would do these repairs? Thank you in advance ladies!
  2. Chanel does not repair patent or coated leather (iridescents, metallics, etc.). Have you had the bag authenticated?
  3. Hm I have not, any suggestions of who to use?
  4. I can't really help with recommendations, but you can do a search on this forum to see who others have used. Also, try posting the required pics and info on this thread:

    I would highly suggest getting it authenticated. There are superfakes everywhere on the secondhand market and they can be very difficult to spot, even for seasoned Chanel enthusiasts. One thing that concerns me is you mention that the rainbow coating is missing on a grommet, but my understanding is the rainbow effect on the hardware is due to a treatment of the metal and is not a coating. I could be wrong, so please don't jump to conclusions that the bag is a fake based on that, but definitely get it authenticated (which I would suggest regardless). GL
  5. I agree above post, really scary so many super fakes out there nowadays, even trusty consignment store like Fashiophile had sold super fakes unfortunately they didn't notice that. Be aware and always authenticate.
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  6. Will do! Chanel associate and representative did mention that the rainbow hardware is coded
  7. I meant coated, not coded :P