Chanel purchased in Taiwan, return policy in US?

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  1. hi gals~

    so i just came home from a trip to Taiwan with one too many shopping bags. DH says i need to return one of my purchases (:sad:) and i'm trying to find out whether its even possible. does anyone know if i can return a bag i purchased from the chanel boutique in taipei's sogo department store to a chanel boutique here in the US? or, worst case scenario, can i ship it back to be returned?

    please help! TIA!!
  2. I don't think you can return something you bought from a department store at a boutique here. Even though those Chanel set ups at department stores are "rentals," they are after all, run by each department store. For example, you can't return something you bought from Saks or BG at a Chanel boutique.
  3. Wouldn't it cost you a LOT to ship the bag to Taipei even if they allow such return? (Which I doubt they allow, since most Asian stores are very strict with return policies) It's going to be quite a heavy package and you'll need to purchase insurance as well.
  4. hi nanamiryu - thanks for the tip! i'm not sure how much it would cost me to ship it back, but it definitely would be worth it for the $3000+ refund. looks like i might have to unload it on ebay...:s
  5. My parents live in Taipei,and I travel there 1-3 times a year.

    I know as a fact that they do not accept returns in Taiwan. Not in department stores and def not branded goods. Rarely do you even get an exchange!

    Sorry, but I think ebay would be your best next option