Chanel purchase in Athens (Linea Piu)

  1. Before going to Athens, I tried to do some research on luxury shopping in that city. There is no independent Chanel boutique in Athens. The local luxury retailer Linea Piu stocks Chanel, but someone mentioned the collection was quite limited.

    So I went without much hope for anything- except maybe for some classic earrings. Chanel boutiques in Rome/ Milan/ Paris have little stock of classic earrings for a while. (I'm living in London. Paris and Milan are easily accessible.)

    How outdated was that information on Linea Piu! They have classic flap, reissue, some seasonal boy (no classic boy though) and so on. And the earring collection there was way better than, say, Chanel boutique in Milan. On Feb. 1st this year, there were the classic crystal CC studs in small silver, medium silver/ gold, and many more. I've even seen the Russian dolls...

    Here are my purchases:
    -13S A42175Y02003 Single band crystal in gold, 165 Euros incl. VAT
    - 00V A3727702009 Gold CC with pearl, 170 Euros incl. VAT. The same pair was recently sold on Annsfabulousfinds for $275...

    VAT in Greece is 23%. The refund may be something like 11-15% depending on how much you spend.

    Always purchase classic Chanel earrings new from Boutique. Worked out for me way cheaper than any consignment.
    DSC_0269.JPG DSC_0270.JPG
  2. Congratulations!!
  3. Congratulations on your lovely new earrings, and thanks for the updated news for shopping in Greece! :smile:
  4. Thanks for the intel. Did you find the pricing the same as in Paris for the classic bags? I'm curious as my in-laws live in Athens and will be visiting me in May. TIA
  5. Congrats! The earrings are so CLASSIC, love it. :smile:
  6. Yes, the prices are the same as in Paris/ Rome. 3750 Euros for the largest size classic flap or reissue I believe.
  7. Thanks.:smile:
  8. Colaangel, I know this thread is old-- but I just wanted to know if the office for refund (vat) was open 24/7? I'm flying out to Athens and I really want to check out Linea Piu, but my return flight is super early. Let me know if you have any recollection of the process! Thanks :smile:
  9. I love this store. Every time I travel to Greece I spend my last dey before departing on my own shopping and this is definitely one of my stops. The prices are FANTASTIC compared to Australia and when their are sales on, it's even better! Last year I picked up two pairs of gorgeous shoes. The year before, I picked up a timeless clutch, sunglasses and a pair of shoes (none on sale) for the cost of what the timeless cluch is in Australia.
  10. just heard from DH holidaying in Athens, I asked him to pop in here since his hotel is close by, AND THEY HAD THE RUSSIAN DOLL EARRINGS! Sitting there since 2009... I never thought I'd ever find any, can't wait for him to get back!
  11. Linea Piu is the best!! Don't miss going there, if you're in Athens!