Chanel Pumps

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  1. today at Nordstroms i saw some chanel pumps that i am going to get they are 620. i want em so badly. The heel isnt too big for me. where can i find some chanel pumps online? which websites sell chanel heels? thanks girls
  2. Check
  3. If they are current season you won't find them for sale online anywhere. Maybe try to maneuver around the Chanel website in case you can locate a picture of them.
  4. no i just want to know in general what websites carry chanel pumps?
  5. nice site thanks!
  6. chanel isnt sold online (but if you have a catalog number from a NM catalog, you can order on but you can find past season shoes on bluefly :yes:
  7. I know Bluefly has a lot of older styles of various things, but they've literally had one pair of shoes on there for a good year. None of the stuff (from Chanel) is current.

    You also can't buy new stuff online. You have to either buy in store or over the phone.
  8. Oh and I am confused... if you want them and you're going to buy them but you saw the ones you plan to buy @ Nordstrom, why not just buy them there?

    I may be misunderstanding the post.
  9. yeah they didnt have my size
  10. like Smooth said, you CANNOT buy new, authentic Chanel online.
    Chanel doesn't authorize ANYONE to sell online.
    You can find older pieces used/resale on some consignors websites, but there's no where to buy new season Chanel footwear online.