Chanel PST disappoints me!

  1. So I went to Neiman Marcus today, and seen the pst in person for the first time. It was unbelievably small(for me). I was ready to drop 1250 before the price increase, but I couldnt bring my self to pay for such a minature tote. I did indeed love the GST which is the perfect size IMO.

    I asked the SA why the prices were increasing and she said that they are trying to balance out costs, because they didn't make what they were expecting for the year:confused1:. Shocking to hear considering how much the bags cost.

    Guess I will have to save up for the GST.
  2. It's best to save up to get exactly what you want, you would have regretted your purchase otherwise.
  3. yes i totally agree with that, you don't want to get something else and regret it later.
  4. I thought the PST looked small too when I first got it, but surprisingly it holds quite a bit. I love the GST too, but for me they have very different uses. You will love the GST...
  5. Save for the GST! :yes:
  6. The GST is definitely more practical IMO. If you like that better, I like your decision of saving up for it because you will LOVE it.
  7. Definitely save for the GST then. You don't want to drop that kind of money and not be happy.
  8. The PST holds a lot for me - long wallet, chanel sunnies + case, small makeup bag, keys, iPhone.

    On another note, Chanel not making enough profits??? Are they serious?? It seems like every new bag is a "IT" bag and everything is always waitlisted & sold out!
  9. That sa has no clue what they are talking about. It has nothing to do with not making enough money. The increase is due to the euro. It is like 2 to 1 on the dollar so prices have to go up. I am not in favor of the increase and i do work for chanel but what that sa told you was wrong. Now the pst is to small but the gst is fantastic. Easier to stay organized and it holds up incredibly well. Save and get what really makes you happy. Never settle for less.
  10. PST actually is not that small. It does hold quite some stuff for me. Mine is in pink, and I got it in spring 2005. It still looks like brand new. The right size of the bag actually depends on your height and weight a lot. For me, GST is like a big suitcase since I'm size P2 most of the time...Get whatever fits you the best, regardless the price or the popularity.
  11. I'm sorry you feel that way, the PST really is a great bag for me, I have two! Actually the GST is totally not practical for me because it's just too big and heavy for a purse and too heavy for my work bag/briefcase. The PST can fit a large wallet, makeup case, change purse, card case, sunglasses and then some, I really don't need to carry much more in a purse. Also, when you have to carry a briefcase for work on a daily basis the last thing you need is a large purse on your shoulder too so this is awesome that I can have and enjoy a shoulder tote that's not a monster. We all have different needs though;)
  12. Thats how I felt with the medium flap handbag. I was dying for that bag, and when I went to try it out in the stores, I thought to myself "goodness, with all the stuff i like to lug around, this bag will burst!" lol

    so I tried on the jumbo and it was a much better fit. so if the GST is better, get the GST.
  13. You have to love the bag you get. The PST was way too small for me, but I carry alot in my purses. I know women who are much more petite than I am, who would prefer or look better with the PST. The GST is a great bag and you will love it when you get it.
  14. Does anyone have a pic comparing the two sizes?
  15. ^ITA....I love my PST..but by all means..get what you want...Kudos for you not buying it..just b/c of the price & get what's perfect for you!!:smile: