Chanel "Promotion"

  1. Ladies, I have the deal of the century..

    Waikiki, Chanel is having a "promotion" on the pink/black & biege/black cambon lines. All wallets & bags from these colors have been discounted..

    I just placed my order in today for the medium pink/black tote and pink/black bi-fold wallet.. :biggrin: Prices are absolutly incredible. HURRY!

    Price's I inquired about:

    medium tote: $910 from $1275 (this is the price my bf said he got it for when he bought me my medium black/white tote_ Dec 2005)

    bowling bag: $1010

    bi-fold wallet: $395 from $565
  2. Wow ... that is a great deal! Oh well, perhaps next time!:sad:
  3. OMG! Serious?!Too bad I am not a fan of the cambon line but it's such great deal thanks for the info!
  4. do you have their phone number?
  5. How did you find out and can you just call the store to order it?
  6. Another forum member had written something about it in the Chanel thread, I simply spread the word. hehe.

    It's only the Waikiki stores though..
  7. oh god, everything is gone guys...I knew i shoulda ordered the stuff yesterday before posting it here OMG im so greedy LMFAO.
  8. the wallet is actually down from 525- accordoing to helen or whatever her name was, i just talked to her and got the last pink/black cambon wallet :biggrin:
  9. Wow!
    that is a great deal!!
  10. well that saves me some money.
  11. :sad2: darn it how coem its all gone!! I wanted to get my mom something for mothers day ~ :cry:
  12. is EVERYTHING really gone?
  13. I talked to sally today, she said all they had was a cigg case and med totes and i think a black/khaki billfold. but that was 8 hrs ago.
  14. I don't think I've seen the black/khaki billfold. Can you post a picture?

    Do you think other Chanel stores with have the "promotion?"
  15. No, it's just the Waikiki store with the promotional pricing. Sorry!