Chanel product quality? Take a look at my GST.

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  1. Can you believe it?!?!? And the sad thing is that I use my GST only as a purse (rather than tote). Can the weight of a small wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, and house keys cause this? AND -- I just bought it at the end of May. My only consolation is that Chanel will repair it - at their expense. :crybaby:
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  2. Wow, I am shocked! It's great that they will fix it, but that should never happen!!! I just bought a GST last week.....
  3. ACK.....SO SAD....we spend all this money....shouldnt happen!
  4. did you get it from the chanel boutique? if so, did they have to send it away for repair or did they do in-house repair??
  5. OH that is so sad.! I want a GST but with the price increasing, the suspect quality.. i just don't know anymore! Chanel needs to reevaluate quality control!
  6. Wow, unbelievable!
  7. Yikes, I just got one last week!
  8. I've seen other customers bringing in their GSTs with strap repairs. Totally unacceptable! :tdown:
  9. yikes... that is not supposed to happen to a purse that costs almost to $2k... :tdown:
  10. =O

    chanel has been having some shoddy handiwork lately
  11. :sad:
  12. horrible!
  13. Wow....that's really bad. Makes me think twice about getting a chain-linked did that bag get through product testing?? They better pay for the repairs!
  14. Unbelieveable. And sadly no guarantee it won't happen again if they fix it with the same material. I'd want an exchange or refund. Doesn't matter that it's a few months old. This is not acceptable. Way too much money for that to happen.
  15. boo hiss hiss - that is not right. At least it can be fixed - but still it just really ruins the whole Chanel luxury item feeling.:sad: