Chanel private Sales

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  1. I just received mine too, I wonder how much will the discount be, and what kind of handbags will be on sale. This is sooooooo tempting...not good for a person who just went out of control over those presales.:sweatdrop:
  2. do you know what's on sale?? anyone has gone today yet?? :yahoo:
  3. At SCP, lots of animal beach/spa totes, scarves, earrings, belts, shoes, and clothes. No flaps. No leather bags.

    They will have trunk show on June 11, 10am-3pm.
  4. At Tysons Corner yesterday I saw some of the animal print accessories, Navy cambon flats in one size (I think 37, 38 or 39), the denim shoe with the patent cap toe and chunky heel, other shoes, a necklace with the same chain as the modern chain totes, pearl necklaces (not the classic), there wasn't anything very exciting.
  5. navy cambon flats with what color logo? black?

    what is the % off? i am out of the country, so i haven't gotten any of my mail. lame.
  6. Navy with white CCs, I went back yesterday for the trunk show and double-checked the size...they have 36 and that it in this store...they were discounted by 40% I think
  7. jeez. what a deal!

    navy with white is too stark for me. thanks so much for the info though!