Chanel Private Sale

  1. The Chanel private sales starts today! I know it's still early, but has anyone gone yet? If so, any goodies?? Just wondering if I need to head over there asap!
  2. oh really???
    I wonder what's there?could anyone pls tell me...hehehe

    I cant go coz I have to study for my exam:push:
  3. I know there is going to be a bunch of shoes on sale. I was at the boutique last week and asked. As far as handbags, I'm not sure. I'll be anxious to hear from those who went if there is anything good.
  4. Well, I just came from the Chicago boutique and the sale was a miserable one. A couple of shoes were on sale, and that was it! No jewelry, no accessories...nothing!!
  5. There's another post on this in another thread, and apparently all of the good bags were held by SAs on pre-order