Chanel Private Sale!

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  1. I just got an e-mail regarding a Chanel Private Sale for the Fall/Winter 2006 collection. Sale dates are December 13th -15th. The e-mail lists boutiques in the following areas:

    Bal Harbour
    Beverly Hills
    Costa Mesa
    Las Vegas
    Wynn Las Vegas
    New York City
    Palm beach
    Palm Beach Gardens
    San Francisco
    Short Hills
  2. any1 know what's going to be on sale?? thx
  3. I second that, i would love to know what's going to be on sale too.... i really don't have time to stop by though!
  4. I've never been to one of their private sales. I would like to check it out to see exactly what they have on sale myself. I wonder what I'll be able to afford? A keychain...if it's on sale... I dunno. I'd like to get a silk scarf. On sale, of course.
  5. I work a few blocks from the Chanel store in Soho. What exactly does 'private' mean? Do I need to show some kind of invite?
  6. most of the items WERE PRE-SOLD. only thing thats left is really shearling bags, fabric bags, some shoes. alot of the SAs had already PUT THINGS ON HOLD for there customers last week.
  7. how much do you think jewelery will be on sale for?
  8. ^ only selected pieces on sale. most have been presold already. normally its a mrkdown of 30%
  9. well the sale starts today. I may have to check out the costa mesa store a little later!
  10. I went to the one on 57th street they have a ton of shoes on sale for amazing prices. Not sure about bags though
  11. I am sooo excited for this me and my mother are going!!
  12. i'm definitely checking it out tommorrow. i hope there's some good stuff left. looking for some chanel boots.
  13. you gals might want to check out the chanel shopping thread...the good stuff is gone!
  14. + nordstroms chanel is having a sale also, but alot was presold. I have some pics if anyone wants to take a look.