Chanel Private Sale

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  1. Has anyone else received an email about the Chanel private sale too?
  2. No, what does it say?
  3. i got an email today... and all it says is that i'm invited to a private sale... that's it...

    at the bottom of the email is a list of boutiques, locations, and phone numbers... i guess, i'll have to call and find out what the deal is..
  4. I deleted the email. Looking at it now, it says June 6 -June 8 with locations.
  5. Does the invite state "show up with invite"? If not, would you be so kind as to list the locations (Northeast area would be great)? Thanks so much!!!
  6. Please let us know what will be on sale :graucho: TIA...
  7. here's a list of stores...
  8. Just called my local store and they won't tell me what's on sale... they keep insisting that I go in :sad: :wtf: :sad:
  9. Anyone know how much discount they usually are?
  10. Is this sale open to everyone or do you have to receive an invite?
  11. there's a thread already in the Chanel Shopping Forum.
    Please check there to join the conversation.
Thread Status:
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