Chanel Private Sale email

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  1. Did anyone get an email from Chanel that said Private sale from June 7th-9th? Is anyone going?
  2. My MIL got a call from her SA. I'm going with her :amuse:
  3. I got the email too.. but from what people were saying.. no leather is on sale ? anyone else hear different ? TIA :smile:
  4. LauraJ2121: That is correct, no leather is on sale. It is all fabric and tweed. Pre-sale had already started, today I think was the official day, but my mom and I went last week when the paper invitations were sent out.
    No good bags, but if you're a shoe lover (like my mom) you'll go nuts at the store.hehe.
  5. Are there any flats on sale? Their flats are so comfy and I love them!
  6. I got the private sale invitation by appt that the same sale?
    for the fall collection
  7. yes pls tell us if there are any flats on sale and how much? if there are pictures of the shoes on sale that would be great :smile:
  8. The shoes are similar to what is on sale at NM and Saks.
  9. The only flats I saw at the SF boutique are the ones that have the CC logo on a button-like circle (sorry, it's hard to describe). The bags they had were the tweed flaps in green, red, pink, or lavender. They also had a couple of fur-trimmed bags on sale as well. They had cute jewelry on sale, too.
  10. My SA from NM told me about it...It is today June 9th
  11. Any sunglasses on sale?