Chanel Private Sale, Dec. 13-15th

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  1. ^^ most deff!!! I was excited to read her email this morning telling me the original transaction had fallen through. I think that bag was the best loooking bag in the entire sale LMFAO. seriously, its gawjus! it has a silver shimmer to it, almost like hot for new years? I saw it in person in SF NM and was telling my cousin how hot I thought it was and now that it was on sale..I was after denise -chanel manager-LOL.

    also bought some big ass chanel earrings that were 349 marked down from 549..Im so done with shopping!!
  2. can you please post pix of your items(headbands)? :love:
  3. nice score! where did you buy it from and were there anymore left by any chance?
  4. It was from nordstroms chanel in seattle, WA. They sent pics of what they were preselling last week and alot of the things were presold by the time i got the email. So I did a second prehold on the classic...and wasnt thinking i was gonna get it because it was a faulous deal, turns out the manager from the boutique called/emailed and told me the first buyer fell through so i bought it along with some gorgeous huge earrings that were marked from $549.00.

    the bag looks like this:

    the other two bags are on sale also ( i got the grey one on the far right, its grey denim with silver glitter/shimmer and silver hardware)

    i have an email they sent last week, you can look at it and call about the items, but 95% of what was on sale, was already presold early last week
  5. lv1011 -- nice gray bag! congrats!
  6. Sounds like a great score! Can't wait to see pics. My Chanel didn't even have any jewelry, which is what I was looking for.:sad:
  7. If anyone sees any cute necklace, brooch or earrings on sale that they didn't buy, let me know which store they're at. My Chanel had no jewelry on sale at all when I talked to my SA.
  8. ^^ call nordstroms seattle chanel. Each SA there has there own loot to sell from, I would ask for denise and ask her which jewlery is still available from her pile aswell as the other SA's pile :smile:

    they had alot of pins, earrings, a ring, necklaces, belt, scarfs etc.
  9. Thanks!
  10. My chanel in southcoast also had alot of necklaces, belts, and scarfs.
  11. Neiman's in Boston had a bunch of scarfs on sale the other day.

    I have been trying to get over to Chanel but haven't. My SA said she didn't have anything she thought I would like...Boo!!

    I did purchase a scarf at NM's that I plan on using as a headband. It was on sale for $110.
  12. I think the grey denim flap is from last year fall when I saw it on I thought it was very nice too, congrats!! BTW, how much is it now after marked off??

    I could never find anything I like at chanel sale. :sad:
  13. does South Coast have nice bags? Probably not uh?

    I plan to stop by tomorrow since I have to work today! :crybaby:
  14. no only those that look like straw material

  15. I saw it sitting in NM SF in august at full price and wanted it then, so I was happy to learn it went on sale! It was approx 600-700 off retail!