Chanel Private Sale, Dec. 13-15th

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  1. I'm going in a little bit. Will report when I get back.
  2. ^ have fun!! hope you find something :graucho:
  3. ^^ ohh, come back soon and give us a report!!
    i don't know if i'll be able to make the sale.
  4. only shearling bags, fabric bags, older style bags, some shoes and RTW. nothing great. all of the items were spoken for, SA's had begun preselling items last week to there clients :smile:
  5. That's true. Things have been put away... but... not much went on sale to begin with. Clothing, yes, some shoes but none of the good bags. I left with nothing! :sad: They said that most things sell at full price anyway.
  6. ^^^ditto!
  7. Do they have chanel cambon flat?hehe..
  8. although, I did score a gorgeous gray classic bag that went on sale for 1139 and a pair of costume large CC earrings with black and white crystals down from 549...LOL
  9. you found your classic flap :yahoo:

  10. what size bag did you get?
  11. I just got back from chanel. I got a pair of ballet flats, a necklace with charms, four scarfs/headbands, and four ties (to give as gifts) the purses were ugly. Only liked the straw style bag, but thought it was overpriced still.......
  12. mello- awww, you remembered LOL....I put a second hold on it and luckily the original person didnt want it so i got it...yay

    m_ichele -its the size of a med classic, marked down from 1695
  13. There was absolutely nothing at the SF boutique. They had a tweed doctor looking bag and a few shoes and scarves on sale. But no cambon flats or any nice Fall boots on sale! :sad:
  14. They didn't even have any scarves on sale! (Not that I wanted any... ) They were all gone. Everything has been selling at full price.

    What good is a sale if you can't take advantage of it? :P
  15. woohoo!! you deserve it, i know how hard you were looking for that bag :nuts: post pics k?? it looks soo pretty in the nordie's pics!