Chanel Private Sale, Dec. 13-15th

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  1. I got invite in the mail today. Anyone else?
    Can't wait for it. :yahoo:
  2. I also got an invite, I'm trying to remember the name of the SA who helped me there last time in SF. :shame:
  3. Does anyone know what types of items are usually included in these Private Sales? Is this limited to Chanel boutiques only? Or also Chanel's at Saks/NM/etc.?
  4. ^^^ i would like to know too, also, do you have to be invited?
  5. i got the invite too, but have no idea how these things work. :oh:
    hopefully someone else will chime in and tell us!
  6. my sa told me that only a few select items from the fall/winter line will be on sale.
  7. Where and when? Do they take phone orders?
  8. last time only the ugly tweed bags were on sale LOLLLLLL
    hopefully something good will be on sale this time around, i didnt get an invite but im going to the sf boutique anyways....i go there everyweek anyways to browse LOL...... i love scott there...hes a hottie.
  9. do you have to be invited to go?
  10. i jsut called to see what will be on sale, and it's fabric bags, no leather, accessories and clothing.
  11. Does anyone know if you need an actual invite or if they give the discount to anyone who's at the boutique 13th-15th?
  12. I dont think its a discount, i think the items on sale are marked with the sale price and if you want it---you can buy it. I doubt they shut down the store. Im going to call tommorrow and find out.
  13. they have a little section for sale items and you dont need an invite to go in or to get the sale price

  14. which fabric??
    aw..I'm waiting for the cambon cigarette case for my camera..I think it'd siut well.hehe...
  15. Amanda, sorry for the "double thread":shame: