Chanel Prices??

  1. Hey everyone--
    I'm new here and I'm looking into getting my very first chanel handbag! Yippee! I know you can really only find them in stores, so I am having trouble finding accurate prices for different bags. You all seem so knowledgeable, so...does anyone know the typical retail for the Chanel Medium Luxe Black Calfskin Bowler?

  2. Welcome to tpf! I think it's 2100 or 2200 dollars, but I may be wrong. I'm not good with the luxe prices.
  3. I'm thinking it's $2160, but I could be wrong. It's somewhere around wher elong said..
  4. It's $2,160 for sure.:yes:
  5. Thanks everyone! Looks like I'll be saving up for that one!:P
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