Chanel Prices Worldwide: ASK QUESTIONS HERE

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I was wondering if any of you could help me with chanel bags prices? because my mom is going around europe (sadly no paris or rome) and will go to Milan last. and if anyone could kindly let me know the price of classic large flap bag, classic with flap quilted lambskin, classic flap bag, and the large shopping bag. I just want a price comparison because I dont want to exceed 1500 euro. because it's either one of those or speedy multicolore :smile:

    thank you very much!
  2. What is the price of reissue size 225 in US now?
    Thank you!:biggrin:
  3. Hi! Does anyone know how much is the GST in Thailand? Thanks! :smile:
  4. I couldnt find the price of the 2.55 tote in USD on the chart, does anyone happen to know this price?

  5. It is $2400 USD.
  6. ^ Thank you very much saks4me!
  7. hi all,

    Anyone know how much does a Classic Jumbo Cavier costs in the london airport (after 15 VAT rebates) ? i can;t seem to find the price anywhere..can someone ps advise?Thanks all
  8. where is Chanel onLondon airport? what other brand do they have
  9. Hi, Just came back from London. I thought that London airport was the cheapest according to the worldwide price chart...but to my dismay, it is not! They have recently in May revised the prices, apparently by 5% or more. I was in Paris and I compared the prices. London airport - I only checked on the medium size/large size (in Paris they call it medium, in London for the same size the call it large) lambskin (prices in Paris EUR 1890, London GPB 1795). As I am from Singapore, the exchange rate for us is 2.1 vs 2.45...hence London is more expensive for me. Btw, the tax in the airport in London is no longer 15%, it works out to be around 13% only. For the classic lambskin Jumbo, in Paris was EUR 2020 (VAT 12-13% depending if you buy fr boutique or departmental stores). Classic Cav Jumbo EUR 1870. Hope this helps to explain.
    Thank goodness I bought my Cav Jumbo classic from Brussel (Paris, Holland all out of stock, even London was out of stock...I just got back on the 17th Jul09). I paid EUR 2020 but the VAT in Brussel was only 9%. So Paris is still cheaper due to the higher VAT. So dont depend on the London might want to call before you head to the airport...might want to just purchase from the boutique if they have it at all.

    Chanel in London airport only in T3. Other brands in T3 are Dior, can actually google for heathrow airport and find out what are the other stores available in the various terminals.
  10. Reissue 225 is $2695 USD.
  11. Thanx a lot.. Do you know if this pair is available in NY?? It is in stock? Because in Cyprus is out of stock and can not find it.
  12. Does anyone know the boutique price of the Classic Caviar Jumbo Flap, black with gold hardware in Thailand, Bangkok.
  13. I would also like to know the boutique price of the Classic Caviar Jumbo Flap, black with gold hardware in Antwerp, Belgium.

    Thank you in advance for both of my enquiries.