Chanel Prices Worldwide: ASK QUESTIONS HERE

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  1. #1 Apr 18, 2009
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2011
  2. sorry for a stupid question. when u guys say that u paid EUR 1900 for lamskin, and got 12% tax back. Is the 1900 without tax already? or u needed to may 1900*1.12 and get the 12% back later.
  3. Yes, I paid EUR 1900 in store then when your at the airport you claim the 12%tax. So the total amount would be EUR 1900 - 12%tax. Hope this helps bonju9...
  4. does anyone, has an idea of the price in hk dollars of the medium classic flap bad in caviar ?
  5. ^malditababy as of march this year, 21,300hkd; jumbo, just in case you need too, 23,500hkd (naughty i.d, btw!:P)
  6. Malditababy: I have checked out the med lambskin at HK airport which worked out to be about USD . I can't remember how much exactly it was in HK dollar but it worked out to be about USD 2300 -2400. I guess the caviar should be slightly cheaper but definitely above USD 2000.
  7. Hi there! Anybody know the new chanel prices for the large or jumbo caviar classic flap bag in usd? Thanks! :biggrin:
  8. I just got an email and it is still $2650 for the jumbo.
  9. n/m
  10. I thought that I saw a jumbo in the store for $3,000. Are they less? Is the lambskin more?
  11. Does anyone know the price of WOC reissue price (either caviar or lambskin, or both) , in Euro, particularly, in Paris, please. thanks
  12. Dear all,

    Anyone knows how much does a baguette (caviar & lambskin) cost in Euros?
  13. Does anybody know current price of Classic medium or anything for Korea? Im going next month, and Im debating whether to wait or just buy it here.
  14. kimmie, i've no idea on exact korea prices, but what i do know is that they are quite the same w/ hong kong's... like for a med caviar flap, it's $2766 usd in hkg, which is over $100 more than u.s price after tax... stick to purchasing chanel in NY, definitely not advisable in asia :nogood:
  15. large classic usd 2425
    jumbo usd 2650