Chanel Prices/Shopping in CANADA

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  1. Hey guys, if any of you were on the hunt for a mini rectangle. Holts Bloor in Toronto currently had some available in navy, green, and a coral pink.
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  2. Would you be able to dm his contact info to me as well? Thank you :smile:
  3. The Toronto flagship store has a few black square minis in stock (lambskin, silver hardware). They also have the small, black quilted boy bag in both lambskin and caviar with silver hardware for those who may be interested!
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  4. Has anyone spot any business affinity from the 19b collection?
  5. Yes, I’ve seen the burgundy one. It’s stunning!
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    My NM has a gray black and pink..

    FAIL just raised this was for Canada! Sorry
  7. Can you tell which location you saw this in?
  8. Vancouver
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    Vancouver mini alert:

    All lambskin (looks very durable and matte) - Burgundy, Green, Medium Blue, Light Grey and yes, even black rectangular minis, all in silver hardware only. If you want the black mini, you have to ask a SA and they will get it for you. It will not be on the shelf. Square minis all sold out.

    Other stock:

    Small (mini size?) Burgundy and Navy Blue (black small already sold out) business affinity
    Medium black business affinity

    Red and Burgundy CFs are flying out the door! I think I saw one red medium CF and burgundy medium CF left as I was walking out. Small light grey CF with silver hardware available in lambskin only.

    Small Boys - chevron - green, black, burgundy all shiny gold metal

    WOC - Light Pink and Blue Cameilia pattern. Black caviar classic with magnetic closure!
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  10. Ahh...I didn't think Toronto would have much stock and I don't know a I paid quite a bit to get it through a personal shopper in Europe.

  11. Yorkdale has a blue 19B square mini available, for anybody who’s looking.
  12. Anyone seen the new 19B red / burgundy classic flaps in Toronto stores?
  13. I was at the Bloor Holt Renfrew last week when they launched 19B and they had both red and burgundy available.
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  14. Has anyone seen the beige medium caviar flap in Toronto?
  15. Desperately looking for a black old medium boy bag quilted in caviar leather with SHINY gold hardware!! Please let me know if anybody spots one in Toronto!!