Chanel prices in Switzerland

  1. Hi everyone,
    I will be visiting Switzerland in few months time, just wonder if Chanel prices in Switzerland any good especially after tax refund compare to US and HK prices. I am looking into the Reissue bags for SS08. Any ideas of the prices in Switzerland please? Many Thanks.
  2. Funnily enough I just rang Geneva but they have not received the metallic reissue yet... They did have a pierced purple with gold hardware in stock though! I've put my name down on the waiting list so I'll let you know of the prices as soon as they come in...
  3. Thanks a lot titfertat. I thought I won't get any reply on this topic. Cheers. :smile:
  4. Geneva's boutiques (yes there are 2 bs in Geneva)had the same prices with France/Italy/Germany Austria about a year ago I suppose they still keep up with this!I hope it helps:smile:
  5. Thanks chanelspell. Great, if the prices are the same as France, this means the bags are cheaper than HK and US even before tax refund.
  6. Finally went to Zurich and looked at the Chanel. FYI, they are more expensive than HK prices, therefore, more expensive than UK and France, too. I guess this is due to the strong exchange rate of Swiss Franc. And the tax refund is only 5% in Switzerland while in France or UK, you can get 10% tax refund
  7. Hi titfertat, I visited the boutique 2 weeks ago in Zurich, they have the 2.55 in metallic colours. They even have the metallic green which I have never seen in HK.
  8. Yes, Zurich is a very expensive city.