Chanel prices in PARIS, ROME and LONDON

  1. I recommend June from Selfridges Manchester - she's very helpful & friendly.
    If she's not around, then look for Matthew or Alice.

  2. hello there, may I know the contact information of this SA?
    Also, does anyone know whether we can do a mail order or not with either chanel or LV from europe?
    thanks much

  3. Hi epheleen,

    If you email and cc in, you will get a response straight away.

    I know you can order Chanel in the UK/Ireland to be delivered in the UK/Ireland, and with LV you can shop online.

    Hope that helps, if you need anything else, PM me :smile:
  4. my mom is currently in paris, i asked her to get me 1 pst in black ghw caviar.. it's out of stock!! :sad:(
  5. my mom was able to get me the PST in black caviar gold hardware already! it's not 1000euros in paris, france :smile:

  6. hi ladies,
    wonder if anyone can advise me on our query. Thanks in advance! :smile:
  7. I am going to Europe for my honeymoon and my trip will start from Rome and major cities that I will be visiting will be Paris, Venice, Amsterdem and I will be departing from London heathrow airport.

    Please advice me where should I buy Chanel and where can I do my tax refund. What if I buy from Paris but I will be departing from London airport. Can I just do all my purchases tax refund at the London airport? Or should I just buy from London airport? Will Heathrow be cheaper even after tax refund when I buy in Paris?

    I am looking forward for the beige jumbo.
    Thank you.
  8. Hi Big Jo,

    If you depart fr Heathrow, then u wld claim ur VAT refund at Heathrow. Basically VAT refund is to be done at the last point of departure.
    Whether Heathrow's buy is cheaper than Paris & claimed VAT, you might want to work out the math from this

    If you would like to do the VAT refund before departing fr Heathrow, then likely you would have to buy fr Galleries Lafayette. This is one place I know that you get the refund instantly, but apparently lower returns then doing it urself at the airport. Some prefer this option as they dislike having to wait in the lines for the VAT claim.

    Just a word of caution, Heathrow may not have the beige jumbo or any bag you want, coz it might just be OOS then. So it might be better to check out a couple of stores while u're moving ard, at least you can get ur bag than to go home empty handed.. I believe prices in Italy & France are the same. HTH!!
  9. The last I recall of London's VAT is 17.5% but the value tt is returned when claimed is at 12%
  10. Thank you Princessmehmeh.
  11. Thanks Princessmehmeh! :smile: Just to have a clearer picture...if i buy my chanel @ paris but i do my VAT claim at london airport, will it still be 17.5% VAT?
  12. Nope, unfortunately :-s VAT at 17.5% is what you would have to pay for purchases in London, but as per all VAT refund, you get to claim less than that.

    See the bottom of this page for the info
  13. Hello!

    anyone knows the current prices in Paris for the classic flap as well as 2.55 reissues?

    any online catalogue we can view concerning the variations in colour and material of the bags?