Chanel Prices in Hong Kong

  1. Does anybody know if the Chanel prices in HK is the same as in the US? If different, how much different? Will they be affected by the price increase? Thank you.
  2. I was just in HK last week. I compared the price of the expandable tote. Here it is $2295. In HK it worked out to about $2350. In HK it is tax free, but in the US you pay tax unless you happen to have it shipped tax free.
    I don't know anything about the price increases in HK.
  3. I would like to know too coz I'll be there in November. & most of you already know the U.S. will get the price increase effective Nov.1 for sure. Can someone from HK can double check that? TIA :okay:
  4. Yesterday, a HK SA just confirmed with me a classic clutch (caviar) is HKD7800, if you consider the US price of USD995+shipping to HK(aroundUSD50), the price works out to be around the same.

    But I saved about HKD1650 from buying a 227 reissue in the US, even with the shipping cost included.

    I can say most of the styles are still cheaper to buy in US , just a handfull are around the same.

    And, HK SA also said that they will be a price increase this year but does not know when.
  5. Thanks IceEarl. I hope it's not the same time, but I doubt. So, it seems the increase is the global thing, not just US then...:crybaby:
  6. when i checked the prices of the the pst in hk, they were cheaper but only buy like $30-50 ..
  7. Yes, the price increase is definately a global thing .... sigh...what to do.. our desire for purses will never stop...
  8. I think it depends what you are getting - I just got the pearl necklace (like Chanelboy posted) in HK and it ended up being $653US vs the $795US (excluding tax) post-increase in the US.
  9. oh great it's always good to compare prices before we buy...if possible
  10. I was in HK late June and bought a blk GST with g/h in caviar leather for US$1895. The prices should be about the same as the US.
  11. my aunt brought the largest flap in lambskin in HK, it came to be 17400, the medium was around 16500 i believe.
    hopes this help :smile:
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here. I'll be going up to HK on Monday and was wondering if HK Chanel has any more the Bubble Quilt with flap bags? And does anyone know the price? I'm from Singapore and the prices here are ridiculous! I just went down to take a look at the metallic black reissue 227 reserved for me and my SA told me the price is S$4900! Crazy!
  13. 227 in HK is HKD22000... provided if you can find one.
  14. hi girls!! my daddy will be in HK tmr and i've been bugging him to get me a jumbo. how much is the caviar jumbo there? and do they have other colors like blue fonce etc besides the primary colors? thanks igirlsssssss!! ;););););)
  15. I was in the Chanel Store in Canton rd. yesterday, the sa told me that the caviar jumbo Flag were out of stocks, have to wait till next shipment.
    I saw some stocks in Prince bldg. on 16/08, there are Brooklyn cabas, Astrakan, Sharpey tote, Les Marais Flag, Les Marais tote, Pocket in the city, GST, PST, Timeless caviar tote with zippered,Classic flag, Baby cabas in black and khaki. While I asked my sa about the baby cabas she said that they only have few of them and they are all reserved by other customers so I've to wait untill next shipment.