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  1. Would you know how much the black caviar east/west and the medium classic flap in paris? I'm deciding whether to buy in Paris or the US. Thanks.
  2. it should be cheaper in europe i guess, but it won't differ too much due to the increasing currency.
    One thing you should consider is that europe chanel dont have as many stock as they have in the usa. usually only the classic 2,55 but not the latest style.
    i've been to chanel in europe several times, but the stock in chanel florida mall is more complete.
  3. I just got off the phone with my lovely SA in Paris and I asked her about the prices for the classic flap (in caviar) and she told me it is 1550 euros for the medium and 1800 euros for the jumbo. Not sure about the east/west unfortunately but the good thing is, these prices includes tax, so if you live outside the EU, the store will deduct the 16% tax from these prices for you.

    contrary to what eveline said, i've had a good streak with the Chanel stores in Europe. The stores in Paris are always like a wonderland with the latest and rarest items and they seem to have an abundance of stock and not as crazily high a demand as compared to US. :yes:
  4. Thanks zerodross! That's a big difference. EUR1,550 vs. USD2,350. It's way better to get in Paris. Do they do charge sends?
  5. i'm sorry but i'm not sure what charge-send entails. :confused1: but the SA i work with at the FSH branch (instead of Rue Cambon) accepts international orders over the phone. you basically need to fax the store your CC details to make payment and they'll charge the price without tax immediately. so technically you're paying around 1300+ euros after tax. :yes:
  6. You need to ensure you know your currency conversions.....EUR 1,550 is still $2,266 so not a huge saving and even getting the tax knocked off the retail you could still get stung with import duty. Plus if it's anything like the UK you don't get the full amount of tax back as there is a percentage handling charge
  7. medium caviar classic flap in paris is 1690 EUR
  8. The E/W was 1300€ a week ago in Austria and we had the same price 1550€ for the medium classic i caviar. So I guess the e/w is the same as in Paris as here.

    @babevivtan: 1690? Are you sure this is not a Reissue? Or did a price increase take place? Because of the above... Austria can't possibly be cheaper than Paris
  9. ^^1690 Euros in the price if the med-large lambskin in -Austria
  10. What abt shipping fee? For e.g to asia! Do they take orders too. I really hope so.........Btw, can u recommend me a SA at the FSH branch? Thanks
  11. as for the reissue: 225 1590euro, 226 1780euro, 227 1890euro :smile:
  12. Does somebody know the price for the GST after the price increase last year?
  13. Do you mind to share your SA's contact details if they ship worldwide? Thank you
  14. Do you know the price of the Grand Shopping Tote in beige in Paris and in London? I'm planning to tavel to these places and want to knoe where is the best place to by it.....
  15. Does anyone know the prices for the small classic flap in lambksin and the classic WOC in lambskin in Paris? Thanks!
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