Chanel Prices and Stock in PARIS and other Chanel in Paris questions!

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  1. They don’t unless you have a relationship with an SA.
    I’m also going in mid October and called a few boutiques and they each told me that I need to pop into a physical store to get to know an SA... they don’t reserve over the phone, especially not when it’s a classic style and color...
  2. Good to know. Thank u so much :smile:)

  3. You’re welcome!
    I even texted 2 SA’s and I know they read my messages and none even bothered replying to my messages... :sad:
    So yeah, they seem to get enough business, hence don’t care about new potential customers... unfortunately...
  4. Wish both of us will find the bag we want in Paris
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    Live from the rue cambon store in Paris. It was really hard to decide between the small flap and the chain detailed bag but I chose the chain clasp bag!!
    Edit: sorry - to clarify this is the new store built next to the original historical store
    20191005_161054.jpg 20191005_155330.jpg 20191005_155334.jpg
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  6. One more picture of the stock here.
    I hope it helps those coming later!!

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  7. Is the Chanel and Hermes store at CDG duty free?
  8. The prices at Chanel and Hermes at CDG are duty free (no VAT included); however, you must have a non-EU passport and boarding pass with a destination outside the EU to purchase duty free.
  9. So if you are from US but about to go to Italy, you can’t get duty free Chanel at CDG airport??
  10. The thread below will have a lot of answers to your questions re: Chanel at CDG, but if you are flying from CDG to Italy you likely won’t even fly out of a Terminal 2E, Gate K where the Chanel is located since that gate is reserved for flights with destinations outside the EU. CDG is an enormous airport and getting from terminal to terminal or even gate to gate takes a lot of time and there are separate security entrances to each gate where you have to show your boarding pass. Sometimes security will let you through if you have a boarding pass for a different gate and explain you want to shop at T2E, Gate K, but even then I don’t believe the shops can sell to you duty free if your boarding pass has a destination within the EU.
  11. I'm dying for a pair of trainers only available there! Does anyone have a contact for an SA?? :confused1:
  12. Hi everyone, I'm going to Paris in the 1st week of November. I reside in the UK but hold non-EU passport. Is it cheaper to buy classic flap M/L in Paris or London considering I don't get any VAT off in both places. Really confused with this...
  13. I guess it depends what your main currency is. I also live in the UK and because the £ to the euro/USD is so poor at the moment buying anything in Euros or USD or basically any other currency is a really bad deal at the moment. It's great for people visiting the UK, but the other way round is probably the worst exchange rate at the moment. If your bank account is in pounds then buying in the UK is your best option
  14. Thank you so much that was very helpful
  15. Woah! Do you know if they have the mini reissue in stock? I’m hoping to get the black with ghw when I go in January!!!!