Chanel Prices and Stock in PARIS and other Chanel in Paris questions!

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  1. is there a limit to how many bags you can buy at chanel ? like per passport ???
  2. Officially, the limit is one one per passport (WOC is considered a SLG and not a bag, last I knew). But the rule is not heavily enforced (unless you are an obvious re-seller, etc.).
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  3. Is Fall 19K in stores yet?

    Anybody know the price on Tweed CC WOC?

  4. Has anyone seen the small quilted coco handle in any of the Paris stores?
    Specifically this style:

    I'm planning on stopping in the first week of oct to pick up my very first chanel :smile:

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  6. Hi. I’ll be going to Paris in early October. I hope to get a mini flap. What do you think are my chances of getting a mini from 19S or 19A as o don’t like any colors from the current 19B season and it only comes with SHW which I’m not sure of if I want SHW... I normally prefer GHW.
    Which boutique shall I visit as I won’t have time to visit every single boutique in Paris.
  7. Anyone has an SA contacts in Rue Cambon boutique ? I am searching for a cuff, my friend will be going there, would like to reserve it!
  8. Bruno Pinel helped me at the new Rue Cambon boutique on Tuesday
  9. Hi there,
    I was in Paris yesterday and looked EVERYWHERE for a mini flap: both rue Cambon shops, rue royale, you name it. I then went to galeries Lafayette and printemps. There are NO minis available at the moment except for one last orangey red at rue royale (square mini). I managed to get a dark blue square mini from the new rue Cambon store, my friend bought the second one and they have one left as of yesterday afternoon.

    There were jersey rectangular minis at the original Cambon store. AND, maybe mot importantly, they have black, navy and 2 other colors I forget in square mini coming in at Printemps « soon ». All have silver hardware. Lambskin only.

    All locations told me they will focus on lambskin from now on when it comes to minis.
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  10. I was in Paris yesterday and visited every Chanel store there is. I saw MANY coco handle in many different combinations. I’m fairly sure I saw the one you are looking for at 19, rue Cambon.
  11. Thanks so much @einertia for the update. This is very helpful.
    I’m on the hunt for a rectangular mini and thought out of all places in Europe, Paris would be THE place I would have the biggest chance for getting one. But looks like they don’t get more minis in until the Cruise collection launches in November...
  12. Omg thanks!!
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  13. Does anyone have contacts of an SA, other than at Rue Cambon please??
  14. Any caviar chevron GHW slgs or bags available in Paris? Looking for the 19a chevron statement flap bag, will it still be available at Paris stores?
  15. Will SA reserve a bag for you? Unfortunately, I’m not going to Paris until mid of Oct :sad: