chanel price

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  1. Can you buy a chanel for under $2,000 including tax? Also, not looking to buy second hand.
  2. yes, there's a couple left under $2k w/ tax.
    The PST is one and there's a small camera bag or 2 as well.
    There's a few others, but would be $100 or so over $2k w/ tax.
  3. how depressing!
  4. Although the average Chanel is $2,200, insane but totally worth it, there are still a few under 2K. The Naked Bag, $895, White & Black Caviar Clutch also $895, Small shopping tote $1150, Soft & Chain $1850... Hope this helps..
  5. Also the Cambon line is under 2K. Even the large tote which I believe is $1500
  6. The medallion tote is (as of today anyway) $1750. And it's lined in LEATHER! Big selling point for me in bags this pricey.
  7. The clutch is adorable and its 895.00 as mentioned.
  8. You can still get the GST for under 2K with tax.
  9. I didn't mention the GST or medallion since there's very few available and the prices are allegedly going up. . . no idea if they'll be under $2k including taxes then.
  10. my small shoppint tote was 1,550.
  11. ultimate soft $1475, someone said they are coming back this fall and coco cabas $1795
  12. I recently got the GST for $1795. Although, I know it's going up again.

    I just bought the Cotton Club Tote for $1995. I bought it from a Boutique out of my state and paid zero taxes. I also got out of the s/h because I have sent so many referrals to this place. So, under $2000, but barely.

    Good luck.
  13. What about the East West? :smile:
  14. I just bought a Cambon tote a week or so ago. It was the large one, black with black patent CC's and it came to a total of $1726 including tax.
  15. do they still carry these in stores?
    i really really really hope i can get a large tote!