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  1. hello, im planning to buy my 1st chanel bag this christmas in vegas. Please help me guys! i need to know the price of Chanel baby coco cabas, and chanel classic flap and chanel perforated flaps? Do you think Chanel will go on sale?:confused1:
  2. The baby cabas retails for $1995. Not sure you can find these in boutiques any longer.

    What size classic flap? You should check the reference section for prices on the flaps as there was a price increase recently.

    Someone else will have to help w/prices on the perforated flaps as the perfo line never did interest me.
  3. The perf flaps have been on sale. I've seen a few on eBay too at a decent price.
  4. I think the perfo line went on sale... :confused1: I wasn't interested in those so I'm not 100% sure but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    Classic flap:
    $2350 medium
    $2650 jumbo
  5. really it went on sale?! crap.. Im from the philippines and il be arriving in Vegas on the 21st.. are there chanel bags between 1400-1600?
  6. I think the PST is something like $1350 pre-tax. The east/west flap is in that price range I think.
  7. [​IMG]
    There's the wallet on chain which basically is more of an evening bag. It's gorgeous! I have one.

    It's pretty hard to find a Chanel under $2,000 USD these days. There's also the timeless clutch which is barely over 1k.

  8. I was just in Vegas last week and I saw the timeless clutch is $1195.
  9. I think the small Rock flap is still around and $1195 as well. It is vinyl though, not leather.

    As PP said, it's going to be hard to really find a bag under $2000 anymore.
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  11. Why do you want pictures of a bag that you have the box to? You've asked this in another thread and also receipt pictures. One might think you are trying to sell a fake bag by using someone else's pictures. I'm not saying your doing that but that's what people might think.
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