Chanel Price Increase

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  1. Actually Europe aside, i’ve seen a few price decreases in several countries in Asia :smile:. For instance in July, just decreased approximately usd $500 for the classic flaps, the slgs as well. SA said it’s more like a global price harmonization than a price decrease though.
  2. Hi dear do you know which country decreased the flap by usd500? I'm in Asia btw

    Yes some SLG get a decrease by.. SGD10 or SGD30?
  3. Based on what I’m seeing in the 19k discussion, it looks like Chanel is raising prices on reissues and coco handles (maybe more styles) when the collection launches September 9 in the US. 226 going from $6200 USD to $6600. Looks like a 225 will go from $5600 to $6000. A Saks SA also told me they are now requiring a 50% deposit to get on wait list. That’s new.
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  4. Could you possibly be referring to the so black reissue? I believe it has always been priced a little higher than those with other hardware? Can someone confirm this pls?
  5. That was my assumption too because what have came out so far were so black but I’m no expert. However, I read somewhere here that price increase will occur Oct/Nov but not sure which styles and which countries will be impacted
  6. Price rise kicked in 1 November here in Aus last year. Hoping we don’t get another one this year. Has anyone heard? :sad:
  7. I think you are probably right. I forgot because the price differential wasn't always the case. The small coco handle is going up from 4000 to 4300, however. Mini coco looks like it will stay the same.
  8. I’ve heard from a couple SAs that we will be having an increase by end of year :yucky: one said october-november... so not sure
  9. Noooooo!!!! :sad:
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  10. Hi, there
    I’m thinking to buy Chanel small boy February next year during my Europe trip,
    but I just wonder about price increases, are there any price increases coming soon ? Thank you ;)
  11. I called the Australian head office yesterday and they said they had not heard of any upcoming price increases for classic flaps (I was asking specifically about those). However, November is still a couple off months off so maybe they just haven’t been told yet?!? Fingers crossed no increase this year!
  12. Finger crossed !! ;)
  13. Any update on price increase ???
  14. My SA said there will be price increase on Gabrielle, boy and coco handle for sure...I didn’t ask if the classic flaps would be, but most likely yes:sad:
  15. So sad! I’ve been told to expect one too when asking in store but Head Office is being very caggy :sad: