Chanel price increase - Crazy or not

Price increase

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Nov 30, 2016
They extended one more day for the increase b/c of the flood at the warehouse. Today is the last day.
They actually extended it to today to 4pm too! I managed to get a black leather Chanel 19 flap (small). I am soooo elated . I missed the call but luckily called them back ten minutes before 4pm. The person processing orders said I just made the cutoff for old pricing.
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Apr 2, 2012
I should have checked the news. Been eyeing a black or grey mini square for years and now it seems too unreasonable to acquire for $5k Canadian. And I'm 1 week too late. Can anyone please recommend an alternative small or mini bag? Heading to a chanel boutique now to see if I can still be tempted. Thanks heaps. Hope you are safe and well.
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Jul 27, 2017
I have a question on Chanel prices .i had bought my coco handle 29 cm at SGD5680 from my local boutique back in Feb 2019 . BUT This bag costs SGD5460 since October 2019 to now June 2020 based on their official website .i said October 2019 as I kept pics of the page and cross referenced to my own purchase in Feb 2019 as I was just browsing the recent new prices.

so effectively,the price for the bag dropped after I purchased it haha

Hmm..can anyone kindly explain the possible reason to me or encountered similar price drops?
I am just baffled that the price will change like this ,although I am still very happy I managed to buy the bag

This post by bragmybag dated oct 2019 also shows SGD5460 haha
Thank you in advance :smile:

Lady Stardust

Je m'en foutiste
Nov 28, 2009
I love Chanel but this latest increase is a lot. When I got into Chanel, Classic Flaps were still around $2300, that seems like a million years ago! Having been around when they were cheaper, I think it also makes it harder to see the increases because we remember the old pricing. While it is what it is, the thing that I find the most "off-putting" I guess is that it also affects the resale/vintage prices. Spending $7K on a new Chanel bag is one thing, but I also love vintage Chanel and I'm not really willing to spend 3K on a vintage bag...(when nice bags from other brands are new and under $2500 for example) I get it's supply and demand and exclusivity etc it just totally changes my view on it which makes me a bit sad, honestly!