Chanel price increase - Crazy or not

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Price increase

  1. Crazy

    545 vote(s)
  2. I will keep purchasing

    53 vote(s)
  1. It’s the 25th for the US and if you want something yes you should try to order it now. Chanel is piloting a new app to allow select clients to order from before the increase.
  2. Thank you for responding. I talked with her briefly but was in no mood to buy a handbag. That may have just changed. Thanks you again.
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  3. The timing on this makes me cringe. So many businesses large & small are taking this time to give back, donate supplies and/or food to health care workers, hospitals etc.
    Is Chanel giving back? Helping their communities in any way? Is this even a company that I want to support any more... :frown:
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  4. They continued to pay their employees during the pandemic and now we must reimburse them hence the increase.
  5. Bought a Reissue 225 in ruthenium hardware today. My first choice was a medium CF in black caviar with gold hardware but it was sold out before I was able to text my SA back.

    I recently got rid of a Boy, thinking I am done with Chanel, but the price increase really got me. :yucky:
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  6. Just know that most bloggers just take the information you all put together, and many rarely cite tPF as a source and claim it to be their own info.

    I, of course, check all of the information you all post, but always link back as you are the ones who have gathered the info. Sometimes a blogger is able to break the news, but typically, it's you tPFers that have the inside info and then people "steal" it.

    :heart: :flowers:
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  7. Congrats on your new Reissue 225 :tup:
    I am hoping to get a Chevron Boy before the price increase. But, not sure if this is going to happen :sad:
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  8. Stores in Canada just started re-opening up last week (Calgary last week, Vancouver this week) so as soon as they opened, they had to have the price increase in place.
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  9. With the state our economy is in, our country, or better yet, with what’s going on around the WORLD, what Chanel has done just smells like GREED. I love Chanel, but you reek!
  10. It is crazy but Chanel just doesn’t care. Their primary audience are the customers whom can walk into a store and drop $10k, $20k without even thinking about it. They are not trying to appeal to everyone else, myself included. I am happily done with my Chanel collection. I will just move onto another brand.
  11. I’m very sad about this. I have been saving for a medium Classic Flap and was planning to finally get it after the travel restrictions are over. Well, now this happened and I need to either go back to saving or forget about getting a Chanel. The global crisis we are going through is something we have not seen in our lifetime, and solving it is much important than getting luxury goods, but I have to still say I am very disappointed of this.

    Pre-loved market is off course still there, but it was my dream to get one from the store since I am not planning to get more than one classic flap.
  12. Is today the last day before the increase?
  13. Does anyone know why they took the pricing off the website?
  14. That really sucks that people do that.