Chanel price increase - Crazy or not

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Price increase

  1. Crazy

    544 vote(s)
  2. I will keep purchasing

    53 vote(s)

  1. I agree with this. I have two Birkins from FSH. In Paris, I really do get the best treatment, whether Chanel or Hermes! But in my Hermes home store I get treated so cold. I tried building up a purchase history, and felt it was going nowhere. I didn't particularly enjoy trying to build a relationship with a sales associate. It was clear from the way I was treated in the store, that I'm not one of their VIPs. I would rather Chanel increase prices up front than string you along like Hermes does.
  2. Same here. I am lucky that I've been at chanel purse peace for 2 years now. I have all the ones I want (1 jumbo cf, 1 m/l cf, 1 old medium boy, 1 WOC, 1 GST and 1 tote. Along with a ton of slgs). In the last two years, I've gone onto buying LV, YSL and gucci mainly because my chanel purses just sat in my closet unused. The city/state that I live in, people don't really carry designer bags. So I've ventured out to buy bags I can throw around. I still love my chanel purses though and I could have totally purchased a mini but never cared for it.

    I used to be a regular on the chanel tpf for many years back in 2011-2016 and off/on 2017/2018. My last chanel bag was purchased in 2018 and since then ive purchased alot of slgs. Came back to see the reaction to the price increase.

    I'm shocked at the price. Starting 2011, I bought my jumbo for ~$4000 USD after taxes, m/l cf for $3600 USD after VAT refund (purchased in europe), WOC for $1750, OM boy for $3100 USD. GST when it was a classic for $2900 but now discontinued . So crazy.

    I think people will still buy even after the increase. Every year and every price increase, people say the same thing but everyone always ends up buying if they love it.
  3. This price increase is not something new. The last time it happened was about 8 years ago as I recall, about a 15-17% increase. Many here threatened to go Hermes, but in the end, many are still here.

    Chanel and Hermes are completely different looks. Chanel is chic, elegant, with a touch of bling. Many buy Chanel for the logo, including me. I have many Chanels, and I could have bought Hermes. I have tried to love Hermes, but it is not my fashion look (everyone has a fashion look).

    Truth is... regardless of price, for me, I think Chanel is THE handbag brand to own.

    I love my CC logo!
  4. People don’t need necessary transfer to Hermes, but comments I am reading is that they think Hermes is worth of the many paid and Chanel after this prices increase isn’t. I have a friend with 7 Chanel flaps in different sizes and she said she will now transfer to Lady Dior and keep buying shoes from Chanel and SLG from Vuitton.
  5. I have 1 birkin from the Paris Flag Ship. I still don't know how I scored that one haha. I'm hoping to one day get a second one. I also don't have a Hermes SA at home. I've tried very hard to woo an Hermes SA but it hasn't worked. I'm very close with my Chanel SA though. She even attended my wedding as a member of my bridal party. I mostly shop at Chanel because I enjoy going there not because I want a particular bag or whatnot. If the bags don't excite me for the price listed, I'll buy shoes or makeup. I contemplated buying a lavender Medium back in January but the more I thought about it, the more the idea bored me. I just can't feel excited about the bags like I used to.
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  6. I voted "crazy" on the poll, but in my opinion it's actually both.
    Yes, the price hikes are crazy. They were always crazy to ole middle class moi, that's why I am not ashamed to admit my two chanels are preloved (classic m/l and a seasonal pochette). But I love them nonetheless.
    That being said, I am currently contemplating buying an LV coated canvas bag (not very sure which one yet) but there is a preloved red boy bag that I might consider as well.
    I also have no woc or slgs in my collection yet. So who knows? I find the prices crazy but maybe of something came along that really captures me, it will be worth it.
  7. USA price increase

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  8. Why are you so obsessed with Pursebop?

    Anyway. We know. It's all in the shopping forum where it belongs. Confirmed by SA's not a "blogger."
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  9. Beyond Crazy. At least in Canada, one classic I bought before the closure now retails for an additional $1800, I think Canada's increase may be worse then Europe, at least on some.
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  10. Texted my Chanel Partner in crime and she got me a Medium Classic Flap in Black caviar. Happy I made it before the increase.
  11. I'm in Canada too. A jumbo CF went from 7600 to 9450 CAD 25% increase. More than Europe and USA so far! Good thing I bought last year!
  12. Yes!!!! I invested in a Chanel mini rectangular and a Rolex last year and at the beginning of this year. To be honest...I enjoy wearing my Rolex more! Don’t know what it is, but I feel completely different when wearing my Rolex. To me the mini is just another bag
  13. Why are You obsessed with my posts and why do you think you can tell where what belongs? Bloggers are more important then what you think, all marketing researches confirm that.
  14. Omg. I wonder why so high in Canada. Too bad it didn’t change on the 25th like the USA. It’s a big jump! Stings a little. :shocked:
  15. Good morning. Okay so I am very late to this party. Because of the virus I have not been in touch with anyone but my grocery and liquor I just became aware of the price increase two days ago. Am I correct that it starts on the 22nd of May? I'm in the states, florida to be exact, and need to know if I should be texting my sa today.
    Thanks for any info, and stay safe
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