Chanel price increase - Crazy or not

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Price increase

  1. Crazy

    557 vote(s)
  2. I will keep purchasing

    53 vote(s)
  1. For me Crazy

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  2. Do they have a ground for such increases ?
  3. are the increase prices confirm ?
  4. no update in their official website yet .
  5. Here’s a YouTube video confirming that

    Sorry for that price I’ll go with Hermes
  6. The prices are defo out. Someone left the price tag of a reissue flap before and after the increase. €500 increase.

    I haven't agreed with their prices for years and even more so since the quality has dropped. I'll stick to purchasing preloved Chanels and get a Hermes the next time I'm in europe. Whenever air travel resumes...
  7. In my opinion-Chanel handbags are no longer worth the price. I would rather have the money in my bank account. I feel just fine wearing a LV canvas handbag.
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  8. I think the increase is crazy they where already to expensive for the quality now I don't think it's worth it for me anymore unless you go vintage.
  9. Cannot agree more, they do not classify Chanel mini as Classic but increase price by 27% and that too when economy is really bad, there is no morale.

    i agree that they are business but i cannot digest the fact that they are asking customers to pay for their loss with an increase.

    i have no problem buying other brands who make great quality bags.
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  10. Crazy. Love the brand but def priced out. Thankful for my collection of 9 pieces. That’s it for me.
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  11. Crazy....
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  12. That is ridiculous. I read LV raised their prices too. I have the Chanel bags I always wanted so I’m done.
  13. It is crazy but the craziest part is that people are still buying even with what’s going on around the world. I don’t feel comfortable buying any luxury items at the moment. Not a necessity.
  14. They have just really upped prices in popular bags. The mini is sought after and so they have inflated the price. Now out of reach for many that would have considered it an entry level bag. I don't even bother with the Chanel website anymore I check out everything else even LV which I would never have considered 5-6 years ago.
  15. I just read that this will take people to buy Hermes not Chanel and that the prices of Chanel on second hand market will go low