Chanel price in Hawaii is cheaper?

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  1. Does anyone know the Chanel price in Hawaii (not only the bags, but also like earrings or shoes )? How does it compare to US mainland? Some people say they bought cheaper cc earrings or card holders, some say all the chanel price are the same with US mainland.I will go to Hawaii for a conference, if the price is cheaper, i may spend one or two more day at Hawaii do some shopping. Really need help from experienced chanel lovers.
  2. There are some things cheaper. I know that the classic flap is actually more expensive in Hawaii though (5700 vs 5500 on the continental US). I think costume jewelry is the same. But some wallets and fine jewelry, including watches is definitely cheaper in Hawaii. It all depends on what item you're looking for
  3. i think this was just recently covered in another thread? the prices can be lower on some select items. Hawaii's biggest tourist population is from Japan/Asia, so their pricing can sometimes reflect the Asian market. the tax is also very low in Hawaii, it is slightly over 3%, so even if the item you like is priced the same as on the mainland you will pay less for everything overall b/c of the low tax rate. unless you happen to live in a tax-free state yourself.
  4. I was just at the Chanel Store in Honolulu today. THE classic caviar black WOC is now $2140. same price as mainland?
  5. Would they ship to mainland?
  6. I bought a zippy coin purse from Hawaii for $405. Mainland price of the purse is $450 and the sales tax is higher too.
  7. Actually US mainland price of the same purse is $475 not $450.
  8. The coin purse that costs $475 is $405 in Hawaii and they will ship to the mainland
  9. they ship to the mainland, but it won't reduce the cost by much b/c you'd be charged the tax rate for your address and not for Hawaii.
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  10. Are there any Chanel boutiques in sales tax-free states? That might be handy to know :lol:

    I wonder if Hawaii boutique's Boy is as cheap as Asia... Old Med was $3800 before tax in Korea last winter. Probably not though, huh?
  11. It's $2100 in California, but we have 8% sales tax!

  12. No. The med boy in Hawaii is 4700 - the same as the mainland.
  13. California sales tax is determined by county... it varies between 7.25 and 10%.. some of us poor souls pay 10% :smile:
  14. no boutiques, but they are located in dept. stores... Nordstroms, i believe. and some tax-free states (like Montana/Alaska) have no Chanel at all.

  15. Ohh I not a US resident actually..was thinking if they could ship to my hotel...hmm does that make a difference?