Chanel press bags

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just purchased a Chanel bag form an individual for a STEAL (assuming it's real).

    I look inside the bag and notice there's a leather tab (not sticking out or anything) with the word "PRESS" on it. I wanted to see what that meant? Does this devalue the bag in anyway? or is it fake?

    If anyone has one of these in their Chanel bag and/or bags, may I also see a picture?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. That's curious! I have never heard such a thing, but it sounds to me (assuming it's real) that it might have been a show piece or a sample? Can you post pictures of it?
  3. I've read on another forum (it maybe this), that's what it was used in/for. I will take a photo as soon as I get home. :smile:

    thank you for your response btw!