chanel prescription glasses

  1. hello ladies,

    do you know of any companies that sell chanel prescription glasses?

    does lenscrafter sell them? i know they sell prada and versace, but i would like a pair of chanels.

    thanks in advance:smile:
  2. I got mine at Lenscrafters, but not all carry them. The San Francisco one carry Chanel, but not the one in Daly City
  3. I got mine at Lenscrafters too! The one in San Diego (Fashion Valley).
  4. Actually, if you go to their website and put your zip code in the box that's marked for it and click on the "Store Details" box of the store closest, it will show you the brands that they carry.
  5. select lenscrafters carry Chanel prescription glasses.
  6. try a lenscrafters in an upscale area of town. the place where i got mine (in Atlanta) sells plenty of chanel, but the lenscrafters in the town i live in for college does not.
  7. Lenscrafters tends to have an awesome selection of designer frames if it's a good store. I got my Ferragamo's there:yes:
  8. I agree, Lenscrafters is where I got mines!
  9. Yes- Lenscrafters! :yes:
  10. I got mine also at Lenscrafters. Also if you have a AAA memebership you get a very nice discount
  11. Got mine at Lenscrafters too and used my AAA for the 30% off !
  12. You can have the store order a style for you if you know what you want .....but I get my glasses from Cohen's Optician ..and def. try Lenscrafter's
  13. The Lenscrafters here in Dayton has them too, so you don't have to be anywhere too fancy to get them! I'm sure they will order them too.
  14. totally agree with the ladies - lencrarfters. The location here in O-town at Mall at Millenia has a nice stock of Chanel prescriptive wear.
  15. does your optomitrist also have glasses for sale? mine is like a vision center type thing and they have a LOT of chanel and other designers....but im a contact kinda person so i never take advantage of the huge selection. i was told that if there was a style or designer that i wanted and they didnt have then they would order it for me.