chanel premiere watch - mini diamonds vs leather/steel strap


Jan 21, 2009
hi all, would like to gather some opinions.

i'm deciding whether to get the premiere mini watch with rubber strap (first picture in the link, black colour) or the one with interwoven leather (third picture in the link).

i was actually lookin for a watch that would work for both day and night. the mini premiere should work ok for day, but it is rather small i.e. dainty. and somehow when i saw it in real life, the interwoven leather one was nicer than i expected, although i guess it won't work for night cos it's a little "funky"? i sort of like the funky design though, but don't know how versatile it would be (i.e. i may not like funky few years later haha!)

the price difference is almost $2k! the mini premiere is S$6.1k, and S$4.3k for the other. the SA also told me that the prices would increase by around 10% soon! gosh...

so, if you were me which would you get?


Jan 15, 2007
I have the interwoven leather premiere that I bought in the early 90s. I think it's elegant and can be worn day or evening. That said I also have the stainless steel watch that I wear quite frequently as well and more so because of the band, which I'll explain -- keep going . .

The ceramic band is going to be pretty dang near indestructible. DH has a J12 and if he hasn't done damage after a year, that sez a lot. I own an ultra ring w/diamonds and after several years, it's looks brand spanking new.

If I were you, I'd weigh the band factor. I do not wear my premiere as often as my stainless band one, the mattelaise (sp) simply because if I'm doing dishes, yard work, around the pool, that band isn't going to be on my arm due to the leather; although I'm sure it can be replaced.

If money isn't a factor, I'd go for the ceramic because you're never going to have to think twice about having to take the watch off for fear of something happening.


Aug 2, 2008
I like the rubber band better because it has diamonds :heart: however, I know they can look totally different in person which I haven't seen. I guess I am not being much help. Also, the watch face seems so small it might be hard to tell actually tell time?


Nov 7, 2009
I prefer steel straps - but after seeing the pictures of the woven strap I really like it. The face of the watch is better on the mini diamonds, but I think the leather straps would be ok for nighttime, it's signature chanel.