Chanel Prefall 2014

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  1. Prefall 2014 is coming soon! Here's Hirsch's list!:biggrin:

    Chanel Prefall Handbag Collection

    Delivery May – Sept

    224 $4200 shiny aged calfskin with ruthenium hw 6x8x3
    226 $4900 shiny aged calfskin with ruthenium hw 7.5x11x2

    Bandana made specifically for Chanel with CC signatures, stars and camellias
    Medium flap $3400 – in black and white and in blue and beige 6.2x10.5x2.5

    Boy Chanel Dallas
    An Eclectic mix of the original Boy Chanel version inspired by Dallas spirit. Quilted calfskin embossed with nature motives for a sculpted wood result.
    Medium flap $5500 – in black with aged ruth tapered corners 6x9.8x3
    Small Flap $4200 – light brown embossed calfskin with aged ruth hw 5.7x9.8x3

    Boy Chanel Enchained
    A strong new look for CHANEL enchained featuring two rows of colorful fringes made of tweed and leather for a Western allure
    Medium flap $5500 – in blue/navy lambskin /tweed with marbled steel chains 4.7x9.8x3.3

    Boy Chanel Quilted
    Small $4000 – pearly black, dark red lambskin with aged bronze metal 4.7x7.8x3
    Medium $4200 – pearly black , dark red lambskin with aged bronze metal 5.7x8.8x3.5
    Large $5000 – in pearly black lambskin with aged bronze metal 8.2x8.8x3.5

    Boy Chanel Strass
    Twisted evening version of the Boy CHANEL playing with Texan flag codes
    Medium flap - $7200 in blue and black lambskin with strass and aged ruth hw 6x9.8x3

    Boy Chanel Studded
    A daring vintage rock version of the Boy Chanel in washed-out faded calfskin with studs all over the trimming creating a rock allure
    Medium flap $5300 in black/white washed studded calfskin with aged ruth hw 6x9.8x3

    High-end furry line for a casual and playful look using calfskin, pony and suede with chains and stars
    Medium satchel $5800 - In black calfskin and pony with silver hw 7.4x11x4.3

    Chain Around
    Bestselling story in crumpled lambskin with a far west inspired palette
    Small messenger $2500- in black and in blue with silver hw 6.8x8.8x2.3
    Medium messenger $3000 – in black, blue, and dark brown with silver hw 8x11x1.5
    Flap handbag $3800 – in black, dark brown 10.2x13x4

    Chic Stitch
    Feminine and sophisticated story thanks to refined quilting and sweet colors
    Medium flap $3900 in black and in blue with aged gold hw 6.2x11x1.5
    Tote $4300 in black with aged gold hw 9.4x15x5

    Duo Color
    A bicolor leather story for functional daily chic featured in the interior lining and the interior of the strap
    Medium flap $3000 – in black with with black ruth hw and dark red with ruth hw 6x10x2
    Clutch bag $2300- in black with black ruth and dark red with aged ruth 6.6x12x.7

    Into the Fringe
    Leather fringe bags that gift an artsy and grunge look
    $5300 – large flap in black with antique gold metal 6.5x13x3
    $5300- hobo bag in black/gold with antique gold hw and in blue/grey with aged ruth hw 11x14x.3

    Metal Beauty
    Flap bags with metallic quilting for a rock and sophisticated allure
    $3400- small lamp flap in black with ruth hw and in dark brown with aged ruth hw 5x7.8x1.9
    $3800 – medium lamb flap in black with ruth hw and in dark brown with aged ruth 5.5x9.4x2.3

    Natural Chic
    Classic calfskin flap bags in colors inspired by the Far West desert tones
    $3800 – large calfskin flap bag with ruth hw in black, dark brown and beige 7.5x11.8x3.5
    $3600 – medium calfskin flap bag with ruth hw in black, light brown 6.6x11x3

    Old Glory
    A fun story inspired by the United States flag with embossed CC logos instead of starts and written CHANEL as stripes
    $3800- medium flap aged lambskin in red with aged ruth metal 7.8x11.8x2.9
    $4900- medium flap in brown/gold with antique gold hw 5.7x10.8x3

    Ride My Bag
    A literal interpretation of the Dallas Western show, saddle inspired handbags and cc turnlocks that look like horseshoes
    $7900 – large messenger bag in calfskin with ruth hw in black 10.8x14x4

    Texan Satchel
    A trendy western satchel in a mix of aged lambskin and studded lambskin with CC signature and Number 5
    $4800 – medium satchel in black and dark brown with ruth hw 7.8x11.8x3
    $6900 - large satchel in black with long-haired lambskin with ruth hw 9.8x12.2x4

    Timeless Classic
    $2900 –GST in dark khaki, dark navy blue, and dark burgundy with silver hw
    $3500 – oversize GST

    Western Baluchon
    Western inspired fashionable baluchons embodying the spirit of the show
    $5800 – drawstring in fringed lambskin with ruth hw 8.8x11.4x8.8
  2. Thanks for posting!!! GST in dark navy... that sounds good!!!

    But no classic flaps?
  3. Probably Act I MaryJoe. The Classics in the other thread were all exotics for Pre-fall.
  4. Don't know why there aren't any classic flaps in the prefall list...

    In the current inventory list, i saw a fuchsia m/l and a black patent m/l.

    Jumbo red patent and turquoise patent.

    A small lambskin black shw n a small caviar black shw.

    WOC: Fuchsia lambskin and patent turquoise
  5. Indeed!!! There was a Fall Act I list of Saks already posted with classic flaps, and not the exotics...

    I think f. e. the fuchsia and turquoise patent etc are reorders from the S/S collection? Maybe for pre-fall are then mostly the exotics and for fall act I the "normal" classic flaps
  6. Yes, they are SS14, that's why they are listed in the current inventory list.
  7. So this means that price of GST isn't going up!?
  8. My US intel says it is not going up with the classics on May 1. Tpfers from the uk also reported that it didn't go up today, although it went up last oct for the UK. I hope my US intel is correct...

    But then again, hirsch is listing the reissue at the current price. This is probably because this is for pre order now n hirsch allows u to lock in the price. Thus the gst price here is no indication about whether the gst will go up or not.
  9. Here's how the pearly black bronze hardware looks like for those who r wondering.

    Attached Files:

  10. But the price increased in the UK today!!! And many tpf'ers reported about it:

    Scroll down to comment #249 and you'll see the new prices for the UK... Increase happened in Europe today so I think US will be next...
  11. Thank you!!! I'll cross my fingers hehe
  12. oh, okay ;););) sorry, missed that part :biggrin:
  13. Love it! Thank you for sharing - can't wait to see the dark red & other boys!
  14. Valentine, you are awesome! Thank you