1. Hi-Has anyone seen this Chanel bag in person-I saw it in a Neimans catalogue...its in the Chanel Stores now...Please let me know your thoughts...I think I want it....
  2. Picture? Link?
  3. this should be the one you're talking about. i don't see any other precious symbols tote in the catalog lol

    i think it's cute. i don't absolutely love it but it looks nice!

    they have a lot of pretty clothes in the Neimans catalogue! i want a d&g!! :biggrin:
  4. I think the precious symbols evening bag is much nicer because the symbols went along with the material of the bag, the symbols just look misplaced on the canvas. Just my option though
  5. I dont really like them on the canvas either :sad:
  6. I agree with the above -- the material seems off.
  7. i particularly do not care for it. sorry :sad:
  8. Thanks for the pic!
    Mello Yello-do you have a pic of th evening bag?Love to see it!
    Thanks for your thoughts everyone...I need a new Chanel...
  9. [​IMG]
    megs wrote a little blurb about this before the forum started

    and i found this one on chanelamour

    i like the first one better!
  10. i like! but i still prefer the classic flap :smile:
  11. That black bag Mariah posted is to die for!
  12. Yea, love the black flap one. I also saw the tote last weekend and IRL its looks much better. When I first saw it here on the web, I thought it looked kinda awful, but now that I've seen the real thing I think I might be in :love:
  13. oh..i have the other pic here.....maybe from the same collection...
    img10161827161.jpg chanel-a31570-gr-bk-wh-s-2.jpg gj_cha-k_b0181-02.jpg
  14. few more pic from diffrent line or collections...
    img10161827361.jpg img10353100019.jpg img10352975687.jpg img10221681990.jpg img10221682884.jpg
  15. Denim, thank you for taking the time to post those pictures! Did you scan them yourself?