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  1. I have been searching for my perfect mint green bag for 2 years...

    From Pre Spring Collection 2014
    I believe my SA found me the last two in the entire company. It was sold out before the collection was released to public)

    I have yet to see them in person. SA has ordered them and they've arrived at my local Chanel boutique for pickup. One is for my friend and she is 100% keeping hers. I am still debating bc I am very petite and have no idea how big it is. If anyone is interested in this bag please let me know!

  2. I'm not sure how big it is irl but what a lovely color!! Just had to say that :smile:
  3. OP, gorgeous kelly! I love the color! I would pounce on it if it were a caviar m/l cf in a heartbeat. LOVE
  4. Gorgeous color!
  5. How big is it? Can u carry on the shoulder? It is a very very lovely color!! I would keep it
  6. that's a keeper!!! :smile:
  7. Gorgeous girly color perfect for spring!!

    Does the chain strap go over the shoulder? Will the hand held strap look a bit awkward if still up?
  8. I believe it's the same one as Penney has:

    CHANEL HANDBAGS - Item: 776281
    Style: A92236-Y25854
    Color: 96920 GREEN
    Dimensions (inches): 10.00 (L) X 4.00 (W) X 7.00 (H)
    Price: $5,100.00
  9. Hi ladies, I will be posting pics once I pick them up! Thanks
  10. Hello, who is Penney? Thank you! Would love to see it on her~
  11. Wow! What a beautiful color. The bag isn't really my style, but I would carry it if it was a mint green WOC. I love WOC style. I don't carry much but that's my preference.
  12. That's a cute bag
  13. Gorgeous Kelly, love the color, you should keep it!
  14. Gorgeous!
  15. Penny is the SA who works at Hirshleifers. Her lists are usually on the boards as to what's coming in for the new seasons.

    Your mint updated Kelly with chain is stunning; can't wait to see "live" photos of this beautiful bag.