Chanel pre-fall/fall bags...

  1. What has people seen that they love?

    I put my name down mainly for the dark silver classic flap medium in a metallic lambskin with the CC logo closure and the traditional interwoven leather chain strap...

    Did people like this more than the dark silver reissue though? Any thoughts? :smile:

    My SA was raving about the coolness of the "leo" closure classic flap with the lion and CC logo closure in some light gold color...what did you all think? I wasnt too sure about those.

    The Bubble quilt ones reminded me of MJ style bags...

    I thought the sharpey tote bags looked cute too...
  2. I'm waitlisted for a dark silver reissue. I haven't seen IRL the upcoming collection, but my eyeballs have been suctioned cupped to that turquoise bag that I first saw on the website. Can't wait to see it. Hope to crikey that Tysons has at least the picture book. I will say if the dark silver or anything else arrives after the price increase, I doubt I'll buy anything. (Yeah, I'm THAT cheezed about what's been happening. My gene pool must house a rebel with or without a cause, because I can certainly get riled simply on principle.)
  3. hmm...what is the current price for the dark silver reissue 226 size and what will it go up to?

    I know the timeless classic dark silver (not the reissue) is 2495 USD
  4. I'm awaiting the reissue too, they had samples @ the Rodeo Drive store last week while I was there and they were TDF!
  5. IS this the bag you were looking for?
    chanel 9.jpg
  6. Can someone post a pic of the classic dark silver please?

    Im waiting for the dark silver reissue in 226 and the light silver 226 reissue
  7. Reissues are increasing in price!!!
    A 226 will be $2350
    A 227 will be around $2475 or something... def >$2400

    That's soo crazy! In 2006, a 226 was $1995, then 2007 Cruise 226 reissues were $2195...sooner or later I have to stop buying reissues.... :sad:
  8. I have my name down for 3: the Berkley, the Crazy 8 and a clutch in POP red (very very bright blue-red). But I don't think I'm going to purchase them. Their too, um, trendy and not in a good way (for me). I can't see myself carrying the Berkley 5 years from now; but I CAN see myself w/my GST, my Cambon, my flaps and a few totes I own. We'll see.
  9. ^^ are there pictures somewhere that I can see this berkley or crazy 8?

    I'm intrigued by the names :smile:
  10. when are these pre-fall/fall bags going to be available in store ?
  11. any pics of the dark silver timeless classic yet?
  12. Someone got the leo closure here before, and i think she ended up returning it because it's not that "cool.."

    For me.. I think none for me.. I guess... not that soo into any bags for this fall which is good so that I can save up for the summer next year! :biggrin::roflmfao: