Chanel Pre-Fall 2013!

  1. I did not see an ombre Boy and don't even recall seeing pics of one. Do you have a photo? It appeared that all of the Act 2 Boys were soft , and unstructured.
  2. Hi G&Smommy... Thanks a lot for your detailed update.. Seems like I can skip the boy reverso already:smile: good for my pocket;)
  3. No problem! Definitely check out the Reverso when it arrives, but I do think these bags will lose shape over time. They are really the complete opposite of the current Boys which are super structured. It all depends on personal preference and whether you like a more slouchy bag.
  4. Thanks:smile: like u said I will be bothered if the top dip in:sad: I like the current boy styles.. Still considering whether I should get the double stitches boy in dark red? Saw you bought the green one:smile: I already have a lambi medium black n small bronzed calf black boy.. How do u like your double stitches boy so far?
  5. I haven't used it yet but I love the look! Congrats on your growing Boy family! They are great bags! After today, I have to say that I prefer the more structured Boys.
  6. Many thanks:smile: same here I like the structure boys for sure n kind of disappointed with the boy reverso:smile: btw I like the boy enchained.. Really look forward to you getting one:smile:

  7. I agree with everyone else this intel was extremely helpful! Thanks so much G&S mommy (btw your girls are soo cute!) Im on a waitlist for the boy enchained but was having doubts about whether to purchase or not or go for a classic as my first time purchase. This info is totally helpful in me making a rational and smarter decision! =)
  8. Its beautiful I have already seen it :smile:
  9. Hope people can post pics on the new collections soon!
  10. Any picture ?
  11. I think (don't quote me) nm ordered a metallic dark gray and metallic bronze with rhw in the reissue both in calfskin. I saw a dark gray metallic reissue in the Chanel boutique which was pretty dark in color. The leather also had a bit of shine to it but not too shiny and fine for everyday inmho.
  12. thanks for the intell! any idea when the enchained is due in?
  13. Thanks! The Boy Enchained is a really fun and different bag!
  14. No problem! As much as I love the Boy Enchained, I already have a pretty comprehensive collection of classics. I think it really depends on what you see using more especially over time. A classic is just that - classic. It will be timeless whereas the Boy Enchained is definitely more of a fashion/statement bag.
  15. NM ordered Jumbos in those colors for Act 1. My local store only ordered caviar Reissues for Act 2 in black, navy, and beige. Other stores may be different though.