Chanel pre-fall 2008

  1. i'm not sure if this is cute or stupid but still i thought i'd share this pic :lol:
  2. any thoughts?
  3. It reminds me of the LV bag that had all the patchwork stuff on it. It would look much better with one large pocket in the front instead of all those little ones.
  4. It's a bit weird. :confused1:
  5. um ... I don't like all those pockets
  6. Hehehehe! It is amusing. I would love to pluck the cute little bags out and have one of each, though! ;)
  7. That's very strange....are they running out of ideas over at Chanel? :wacko:
  8. One of 2 bigger ones would have been OK IMO, but all the little ones....:lol::lol::lol:
  9. I love the bag without the added pockets. It would have been so nice!
  10. It's interesting, I guess ... :confused1:
  11. Is this one of those countdown to Christmas calendar/purses? I'm sure there is an inside joke of Karl's here somewhere ala the ankle bracelet purses. What were you thinking, Karl . . .
  12. Ugly. Please be a joke.
  13. Yeah it reminded me of the LV Tribute bag....Ugly.

  14. It looks like the bag has a disease.
  15. ^^ LoL.
    I'm not digging it.