Chanel Pouch Airline Collection

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  1. Good day my Chanel Friends!!!

    Got this yesterday should I keep it?

    Its the small pouch black lambskin leather with burgundy puffy quilted interior from the airline collection $600

    I am a little worried that it will get ugly with use (Even though I am extremely careful with all my items.. I was wondering if any of you have a lambskin SLG that has worn well or if it has not.

    There is a Casino O Case with lucky charms That I really wanted, however it sold out and they only have pink in stock.

    what should I do?

    A) Keep it bc it looks classic
    B) Exchange for the medium size because (Bigger is better)
    C) Get the Pink Casino Case (Be daring) its also lambskin
    D) Buy The LV TP 19 because its durable
    E) Wait for Chanel to make a Caviar cosmetic case

    I would be using it in my Classic flaps Jumbos and Maxi

    Thank You all again your option is very important.

    I am going to post pic of pouch soon
  2. jpg.gif IMG_7600.jpg (1.44 MB)

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  3. I love it!!!
  4. Thank You Love
  5. Beautiful! I really like it. I have a lambskin card case (the one with the flap cover and snap closure) that I've owned for about a year and a half and I do not baby it. I think it still looks great. I wouldn't worry too much about lambskin items that are inside your bag as long as you're reasonably careful about not putting anything sharp near it. Did you get the earrings too? They're stunning.
  6. Thank you so much dear,

    I got the earrings last year and I love them!! I am currently hunting down a CC Pin

    This Chanel thing is a bad habit lol
  7. love it!!
  8. I love it too!
  9. I love it. If you use it in your jumbo how much else fits with it? I have a jumbo and my personal experience is that you have to use a soft, like this one, make up case or they take up too much room. I think it looks perfect. I've been using an ancient Carlos Falchi one because it's the only thing that conforms to leave room for other things, I would love to upgrade.
  10. Thank You,

    This case fits perfect in the jumbo and allows space for my chanel card case which I use as a wallet when I use my Jumbos. I am also able to fit my Chanel hardcase sunglass holder and LV key Clay which has my keys. and my I Phone 6.

    In the Maxi this case is super small and I can fit the world!!! however this bag gets so HEAVY!!!
  11. I love this!! Lambskin is truly luxurious and beautiful. This is a good size. I would definitely keep this!!

  12. You need to show me how to pack my jumbo! A hard sunglass case? Really?!? I could never get one in. Maybe I don't really need 6 lipsticks with me all the time...all nude. I should probably take better care of my sunnies. I really love that case!
  13. its beautiful I def wouldn't get anything bigger...
  14. first off, you need to keep it, it's divine! second, I want those earrings :smile:
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