Chanel possible to touch up, re dye? Cost...suggestions?

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  1. I am listing a purse on ebay and it has some color transfer issues and wear on the sides, so the leather is darker. I received an offer on it and the man says that Chanel told him it would cost $1000 to fix up. I do not believe this. I have been reading on this forum that the cost to redye it is $100-$300.

    Please help, with suggestions on the timeframe to get this bag fixed up to look new, or better and the timeframe. I would prefer to have Chanel fix it up, but am open to other places.

    I have already tried Apple Guard leather conditioner on it.


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  2. I've read that it costs about $200-300, but I don't have any experience with it personally. I can't believe how that guy tried to get you to lower your price! What a little weasel!
  3. I know. He made me such a low offer, I guess to try and compensation for the $1000 he claims it will cost him to fix it up!!!:cursing:
  4. To totally refurbish the bag will run around $265-300 ... it will look almost brand new. FDepending on the extent of the job and if the boutique sends it to NYC or France or a 3rd party repair shop, it may take 2-8 weeks.
  5. Try the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I've used it with my white caviar bags to remove color transfer from my jeans. Removed it completely with no harm to the leather and only cost a few dollars!
  6. FYI, if you have Chanel redye it, the leather will not be as soft (I bought a recently redyed bag and it is definitely not as soft as the original lambskin). I was told it may soften with use but who knows? The lady I bought it from was charged around $300 and she said it took 2 months! :s
  7. Thank you for all the info. Good news someone bought it at my buy-it-now price. I am very happy!
  8. That's great! :tup: