Chanel Portobello

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  1. Anyone else obsessed with this bag? I am going to stray from Hremes and try and get one...but they are impossible to find! Any sightings or ideas?
  2. they r going to reproduce it =) dun worry! here is the pic =) i had 2 portobellos and i loveeeee it =)

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  3. I love your bags. How big is it? I'm looking for one too. Thanks.
  4. I think Neimans Charlotte still has the medium black on black version w/gold hardware. Call Natasha in the Chanel boutique there and she should be able to confirm. The store number is 704-442-7900. Tell her Marvelgirl sent'cha. She'll know who I am. ;) Good Luck!
  6. It is an interesting has grown on me...I like the black with beige. But don't have one. What is the current cost?
  7. petlouie: sorry the pics is not my bags, my bags r blacks...heuheuehu these are the new upcoming ones..
    mine is bigger than the two pics...i know this because of the handle...the L size has the handle that can be bent =)
  8. Is yours as bag as the Cambon Large Tote?
  9. I have the mdium black and beige and the handles can be bent. The only one the handles dont bend on are the small. The difference between large and small is the large has a flap top, while medium is zipper.
  10. Do you by any chance know the measurement of the medium? I'm trying to decide on what size I want. Thanks.
  11. I think if you do a search for portobello. There are many many threads discussing size.
  12. I'll do that. thanks.
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  14. I work at Saks and we have a Portobello in the black and brown with silver hardware. Price is $2495.
  15. which saks do you work at?
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