Chanel polish?

  1. Can anyone recommend a red polish by Chanel? I have Dazzling and Midnight Red and both have almost an orange/peach tint. I'm looking for a (non-metallic) blood red polish, similar to the shade of red Nicole Richie is always seen wearing.

    TIA :flowers:


    Mods forgive me for posting in here but I figured these ladies might be experts given their love for Chanel :shame:
  2. You should try #08 Pirate
  3. Or I just found another one of mine #455 Lotus Rouge
  4. Oh thank you!! :tup:
  5. How about Marilyn? Thats red but not sure if in the color range you're looking for? I always wanted to see that one IRL
  6. I own Lotus Rouge... I think that one is more of a burgandy-ish color than blood red like that photo. I actually have it on my toes right now. Pretty color though. I still recommend it.
  7. second pirate #08!
  8. Perhaps #38 Fire if you're looking for a pure red.
  9. Isn't that the red that Christian Louboutin used for his sole muse?
  10. 2nd the recommendation for Fire. It's a beautiful red and gorgeous for a pedicure. I'm wearing this now. :smile:
  11. not to be negative, but, chanel polish chips within one day. the colors are gorgerus but the staying power is poor.
  12. ^^^I totally agree it is poor quality polish. MAC lasts 10x longer. As do some of the other big brands like OPI and Epi. That being said, I have a number of bottles of chanel and am currently wearing one LOL. If my manicurist does several coats, it lasts a bit better.
  13. fire is my fav too ~ the perfect red! :heart: ~ i find chanel to be one of the most hard~wearing polishes on the market! :flowers:
  14. I love Fire too! You should try it.
  15. I must be in the minority, but I don't experience this. I use Chanel for color and then a basic top coat from Revlon and my pedicures always last at least 10 days.